Welcome back! Today, the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 is available to order and buy in stores - the wait is finally over! Whether or not you’re a fanboy (or girl) you have to admit, Apple certainly knows how to stir up the techie crowd. In light of the excitement, this week’s Friday Five will provide a quick run-down of Bomgar’s iOS remote support capabilities. These features give your tech support department the most advanced, collaborative remote support features available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

- Secure Session Chat: Use Bomgar to chat in real-time with mobile users to better understand the issue.
- Co-Browsing: Support reps using Bomgar can see the same web sites and web apps that the end user is actively viewing on their mobile device, offering immediate guidance to troubleshoot the issue.
- Screen Viewing: End users can share captured screen shots of issues with their support rep, to further collaborate on the challenges they may face with their mobile device.
- Push Configuration Files: Support reps can push URLs of available configuration profiles to end users via chat, rapidly resolving common configuration issues.
- iOS Rep Console: Bomgar’s mobile iOS rep console allows support technicians to access, view and fix a remote computer or mobile device directly from their iPhone or iPad. If you aren’t taking advantage of this great feature, download the app here and get started today!

Whether you have the new iPhone in your hands, or are sticking with your current model, be sure to check out or brush up on all of Bomgar’s iOS features. I’m sure Siri won’t mind blocking off some time in your calendar to read up!

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Elizabeth Hulsey, Public Relations Specialist at Bomgar