It’s Friday. Another week has come and gone, and chances are you don’t even remember where it all went.  You probably weren’t able to keep up with the office gossip, much less the big tech news headlines.  No worries. To help you out, we’ve collected five of the biggest or most popular news stories that we shared via the Bomgar Twitter stream so far this week.  Now when someone mentions the latest techy trends this weekend over hotdogs and hamburgers, you can nod your head and actually mean it!

The New Microsoft Office
Monday afternoon, Microsoft unveiled an early look at its newest version of Microsoft Office.  With a completely revamped interface, specifically suited for touch screens, the ability to work seamlessly between multiple devices, and a plethora of handy templates, it’s worth noticing. For a detailed look, check out this review from CNET.

Former Google Executive, Marissa Mayer, Is Named the New Yahoo! CEO 
In what seems like a surprise even to some Google employees, Yahoo! named Marris Mayer as their new CEO late Monday.  She later tweeted that evening that she was incredibly excited to start her new role on Tuesday.

New York and Its Emerging High Tech Renaissance
It looks like Silicon Valley has some competition. High Tech growth in the Big Apple is on the rise!  As an emerging technology community grows, more and more startups are picking New York city as their home.

Bomgar 12.2 Is Here!
What’s almost as big as a new Apple release? A Bomgar release, of course! smile  Bomgar version 12.2 has got some great new features for making support issue resolution even easier with Skills-Based Routing, Annotations, In-Queue Notifications and more!

Mark Zuckerberg Is No Longer in the World’s Richest 40
No week would be complete without some news on our friend Zuckerberg. As Facebook stocks continue to drop, the CEO has lost some monetary standing, but he and his $6 million home don’t seem in too much danger.

That wraps up my Friday Five. Enjoy your weekend and see you again next week!

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Liz Richardson