When 75% of your customers use electronic payment to check out and the system goes down due to network failure, there are big problems. This results in irate customers, and in some cases, customers walking away from their orders due to a lack of another method of payment.

“Fortunately, Bomgar's unique architecture has helped us out of this type of situation on multiple occasions. Redner's Markets uses a Sprint T1 based MPLS1 primary network connection, and a Verizon Cellular backup network for its intra-store communication and electronic payment authorizations. When we have a primary network failure, the Supermarket's Cisco router will failover to the cellular connection and keeps the site in business. We also have a dial out modem connected to a PC in the back office at each store serving as a third line of defense against network failure. In the event that both the T1 line and the cellular connection both fail, the dial out modem will connect up and keep payment transactions flowing(very slowly, though).

We had one of these situations occur a few months ago and were asked by the telco to verify power and equipment before they would proceed with the trouble ticket creation. This can be a troublesome task if the site is a few hours away and inevitably adds to the duration of the outage. During this particular event, I was logged into Bomgar and happened to refresh the hosts from that site on my rep console. To my surprise, one of the desktops was active and online. This was the PC with the dial out modem. Its agent had registered again with my Bomgar appliance via its dial up internet connection, and was active for an unattended jump.  After connecting to the store host via Bomgar, I was able to remote from it to the locations router and reset the cellular backup. This brought the store back online for all functions until the primary line was restored the next day.

 This unexpected functionality saved us about four hours of driving time and a whole lot of frustration. We have since set all devices with a dial backup modem to an active client in their connection profile.This is something that our legacy remote support tools couldn’t help us accomplish. Thanks Bomgar!”

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