When you hold the keys to the kingdom, it can be a little hard to resist the temptation to pull a few pranks on the less tech-savvy.  But what's the fun in having skills you can't put to good use?  

Check out these office pranks pulled by some members of Bomgar's advocate group - The Bomgar Insider. Whether computer related or just plain crazy, we think they are pretty darn funny.  

"A couple years ago, a co-worker and I snagged the BSOD screensaver from TechNet and installed it on every unlocked PC in the office. Pandemonium." - Ryan P

"We did this to an entire department. Taped the bottom of the mice and unplugged keyboards. We hid the USB cords so the users didn't see that it was unplugged. We also put tape over the lifter button on the phones so they wouldn't get a dial tone when picking up the phone." - Derek J.

"We wrote a PowerShell command to distribute to each computer, which ejects the user's CD drive tray. We look forward to April 1 every year." - Graham R. 

"We did this to our CEO and CFO putting wrapping paper behind so it wasn't actually full of peanuts." - Travis Z. (picture by Peter J.)

"Years ago, (windows NT 4.0 days) I rolled something like this out to the desktop of a few hundred employees...sadly, it even stumped my service desk team...the notepad "window" was a screen capture, and so was a part of the wallpaper." - JD S. 

"Even my windshield wipers were individually wrapped. Written on the foil was 'Do not microwave' and "Roses are red, violets are blue, your car is no chrome, WE WIN!" Not to worry.... I got my revenge grin" - Deedra P.

"A few years ago, here at the Help Desk. Setup the machine the day before, and came in early for the setup." - David W. 

"Boss decided to call in "sick" so we put him in the penalty box." - Bret H. 

Have some great pranks of your own that you've pulled? Share in the comments below!  

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