Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) was created to promote the development of telecommunications in the world's fifth largest country, and is responsible for activities such as the implementation of national telecommunications policy, license regulation, managing radio frequency spectrum, and the protection of consumer rights. Now as a Bomgar customer, ANATEL is now providing scalable remote support for its growing enterprise.

Prior to implementing Bomgar, the Service Desk department of ANATEL supported remote desktop workstations using Microsoft's Lync collaboration and instant messaging application. However, when ANATEL refreshed its workstation fleet in 2014, they needed a more robust remote support solution as the Lync tool did not support the operating system of the new workstations. Additionally, at that time, the organization adopted a new set of security policies that required a remote support solution with more advanced security features. Moreover, the Service Desk wanted to expand its capabilities so that it could provide remote support for the organization's increasing number of mobile devices and its full range of network assets.

"Providing only on-site support was not feasible given our large and geographically dispersed user base," said Jorge Wilson da Silva Mendes, for ANATEL. "For that reason, finding a remote support solution for our service desk was essential. However, being a quasi-public agency, we also had very strict security protocols to meet when remotely supporting the workstations and the growing number of mobile devices used by our employees. We also wanted to ensure that our service desk—the single point of contact for our end users—was able to provide effective connections and quick resolution of incidents to ensure a quality customer experience. Supporting our servers and other network devices was also a priority."

ANATEL conducted a detailed analysis of several possible remote support solutions, evaluating whether they could meet the organization's many requirements. Only Bomgar offered the security capabilities needed to meet all of the organization's requirements. "It was essential for us to deploy a remote support solution that ensured secure access and could record data and create an audit trail of actions taken during support sessions," said Wilson da Silva Mendes. "Only Bomgar, with its single-tenant appliance architecture, encrypted session traffic, advanced authentication and access controls, and session recording features, met every aspect of our security requirements.” 

Additionally, all but one of the other tools lacked sufficient capability to provide complete support for ANATEL's network servers, switches and routers as well as Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. Bomgar allows for full remote support for every device and operating system in the organization's operations, including mobile devices in the field. Moreover, Bomgar reliably maintained connections and adjusted session characteristics according to connection quality, even with low bandwidth network connection speeds.

"We also liked Bomgar's concurrent licensing structure," said Jorge Wilson da Silva Mende. "It enabled our Service Desk attendants to initiate a remote support session regardless of their location, and then free up the license for use by other another representative when they were finished. That approach is much more efficient and cost-effective than purchasing dedicated seats for each user or device in our enterprise footprint. In our experience, it has proven to be the best remote solution on the market and the right choice for a large enterprise environment such as ours."  

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