How long have you been working at Bomgar?

Eight years!

Which roles have you held and what is your current title?

I previously held the position of Online Campaign Manager and now work as Bomgar’s Social Media and Advocate Marketing Manager.

Give a brief explanation of your current job role.

I manage and interact with customers, prospects and employees on all Bomgar’s social media networks, work one-on-one with customers in our amazing Bomgar Insider program and help run things in the Bomgar Community. I also manage most of our fun contests and promotions online (woot) and keep the Bomgar Blog and the Bomgar Tech Support Series on BrightTalk up and running.

Name one thing you enjoy about working at Bomgar.

Bomgar is an awesomely flexible, accommodating company to work for with some really fun perks.

List two to four things that you consider hobbies or that interest you the most.

My side life is that of singer and actor. I also love literature, movies and great restaurants. I love to connect so feel free to add me on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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