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It’s that time of year – let’s celebrate SysAdmins!

It’s swag Friday! Actually, it’s SysAdmin Day – the one day each year that we celebrate the hardest workers in IT for their patience, their ability to work with every user in the organization, and their clever solutions and top notch skills that regularly solve the difficult issues businesses face. Continue Reading

The Tech Effect: How Technology Can Save Companies from Negative Customer Support Perceptions

A recent article in the New York Times suggested that some companies are purposely making tech support unbearable—taking steps to trap customers in an endless support loop designed to make even the most mild-mannered person irate. Everyone can relate to some of the frustrations outlined in the piece, and there are certainly some companies out there that don’t prioritize the customer experience and engender the phenomenon the Times termed “tech support rage.” Continue Reading

Meet PCI Two Factor Authentication Requirements with Bomgar Verify

The PCI Security Standards Council regularly updates its requirements in response to emerging security threats related to payments data. One of the latest updates is getting a lot attention, which expands the requirements for two factor authentication. This expanded requirement is not a surprise - time and again, the weak link in data breaches has been compromised vendor access, often with stolen or misused credentials. Continue Reading

Bomgar Introduces Cloud-based Privileged Access for Hybrid Environments

Today, Bomgar released the latest version of its Privileged Access solution that allows security professionals to control, monitor and manage access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors. Bomgar Privileged Access 16.1 offers more deployment options and allows security organizations to extend access controls across their hybrid environments. The new version also offers capabilities that further fortify security along with enhancing performance, streamlining access for privileged users, and improving user administration. Continue Reading

MealTime Provides Exceptional Customer Support using Bomgar

The CLM Group, Inc., best known to the industry as “MealTime,” first introduced the MealTime for DOS point of sale system in 1987. Since then, MealTime has grown to offer point of sale (POS) and a variety of supporting software products for K-12 school districts nationwide, serving over 4000 schools. Continue Reading

Bomgar InSight: Bomgar Tips and Tricks

Do you ever wish you could see through the eyes of your end user? Sometimes verbal directions just don’t cut it when troubleshooting, and you need something more. Continue Reading

Why security and networking teams must get along

Every security professional is aware of the essential paradox in security: things need to be as secure as possible, but also as functional as possible so that the normal course of business can continue. Continue Reading

Bomgar Recognized as Top Rated Remote Administration Solution by Software Users on TrustRadius

At Bomgar, we pride ourselves in putting our customers and users first, always working to ensure our solutions are the best available in the market. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve been named a 2016 Top Rated Virtual User Session/Remote Administration solution by software users on TrustRadius. Continue Reading

Secure Access to ICS Systems, or Risk Being Left in the Dark

23rd December 2015: an estimated 225,000 Ukrainian residents suffered from a significant blackout, which was later discovered to be the first blackout to be knowingly caused by hackers. Remediation was incredibly difficult, and energy suppliers were left to manually fix damage at impacted sites causing huge disruption across the region. Continue Reading

Bomgar Tips for Improving Password Security

Recycled passwords are believed to be the main culprit of recent breaches in the remote access space. Hackers leveraged leaked data from recent high-profile breaches against other online services to gain access to larger, more critical accounts. While Bomgar customers have not experienced any breaches as a result of this, we are cognizant of the threat of poor password security and taking this opportunity to ensure our customers are following best case practices for authentication and credential management. Continue Reading