Bomgar 14.2 - The Latest Remote Support Software

Bomgar 14.2 is the latest version of Bomgar’s remote support software. With Bomgar, support organizations can access and fix nearly any system or device, anywhere through a secure, appliance-based solution. Bomgar 14.2 includes wake-on-LAN (WOL) support, multiple enhancements for Jump Clients, broader support for vendors, and improved Mac support. New routing and scheduling capabilities give administrators more control over support workflows. This release also deepens support for Android devices by allowing technicians to kill processes or uninstall apps remotely.

14.2 Documents and Resources

Actionable System Information for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Actionable System Information
Use actionable system info to kill processes, manage services, and uninstall programs

Manage more support tasks outside of screensharing with actionable system information. On computers and Android devices, technicians can go beyond merely viewing remote system information. 

Manage Processes and Services on Remote Computers

Whenever you’re supporting a remote computer, you can use actionable system info to kill processes; start, stop, pause, resume, and restart services; and uninstall programs directly from the System Info tab. 

Android Actionable System Information
Use actionable system info for Android to kill processes and uninstall apps Android tablets and phones

Manage Processes and Apps on Android Devices

Actionable system info for Android lets you kill processes and uninstall apps when you support Android tablets and phones. 

Working directly with the device system information lets you do deeper troubleshooting outside of screensharing.

Remote Registry Editor

Remote Regedit
Access a remote Windows registry

Access a remote Windows registry without requiring screen sharing. 

Depending on your permissions as a support representative, you can add new keys, delete keys, edit keys, search the registry, and import or export keys. 

Use of the registry editor without screen sharing causes fewer interruptions to your customer and allows you to resolve issues more quickly.

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Support

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Support
Wake-on-LAN (WOL) support lets you turn on remote computers

Remotely support computers, even when they are turned off. With Bomgar, powering systems on can be handled remotely with Wake-on-LAN (WOL) support. You can broadcast WOL packets through another Jump Client on the same network. Wake-on-LAN helps you support more computers in more scenarios.

Rep-to-Rep Screen Sharing

Rep-to-Rep Screen Sharing
Share your screen, application or files with other reps

Support reps can collaborate using rep-to-rep screen sharing, which works without starting a Bomgar session or presentation. If one rep needs help updating a ticket, modifying a CRM record, or understanding a knowledgebase article, he can share his screen and control of his computer with another rep. You can even report on rep-to-rep screen sharing to maintain compliance.

View the Remote Rep's Screen
View the remote screen of another support rep without starting a support or presentation session

Overflow Routing Rules

Overflow Routing Rules
Use overflow routing rules to keep customers from unnecessary waiting

Overflow routing rules help you keep customer wait times low by alerting representatives of sessions with a high wait time or by routing those sessions to a backup queue. 

Delegated Password Administration

Delegate Password Administration
Delegate password administration to non-administrators

Password reset requests are often cited as the number one support request. Ironically, sometimes the technicians doing the support forget their passwords, too! 

Now administrators can give a non-admin permission to manage password resets. Delegating password administration frees up administrators to focus on more critical tasks.

Configurable Jump Client Installer

Jump Clients can be mass deployed to Windows, Mac and Linux computers desktops or servers. To help with finding and identifying computers later, you can add a group name and comments when you deploy them.

You can create a default installer. Or you can use mass deployment scripts. A command line installer has new switches which allow a script to modify a variety of Jump Client parameters at install time.

Jump Client Access Schedules

There are two new options to restrict access to Jump Clients. Administrators can now use time schedules and durations to control periodic access to Jump Clients. Access schedules dictate the windows of time representatives are allowed to access certain Jump Clients. 

Administrators can also allow reps to deploy Jump Clients that automatically uninstall after a defined period of time.

Using Jump Client access schedules can protect your client from interruption and help your support organization conform to customers’ support needs. Both schedules and automatic expiration can help satisfy PCI compliance or prevent business users from being interrupted during peak hours.

Multi-Team Jump Client Access

For scenarios in which multiple groups need to access the same group of desktops or servers, you can share a team’s Jump Clients across support teams and Embassies.

Sharing Jump Clients allows you to give both internal reps and vendors access to the same system without complicating team structures.

Mass Deployment on Mac

New Mac installers allow you to deploy Bomgar to your Macs using your existing systems management tools.

Embassy Enhancements

Jumpoints, and many associated capabilities, can now be made available to vendors. Giving Embassies access to Jumpoints lets them support Windows systems on remote networks without a pre-installed client. You can also enable vendors to use capabilities that require Jumpoints, such as:

  • Integrated Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Integrated Intel® vPro™ Support
  • Shell Jump (SSH/Telnet)

Centralized Rep Console Settings

Centrally define the representative console settings for your entire team to create a repeatable, consistent support experience for representatives.

Rep console settings can determine how sessions are assigned, what quick start buttons are available, whether audible and visual alerts are used, and more.

Administrators can force settings, allow settings to be overridden by representatives, or leave settings unmanaged.

Rep Console Device Verification

With Bomgar, support reps can offer remote support from anywhere and from a variety of devices. To make this mobile, multi-platform capability more secure, Bomgar also gives administrators granular control over both what devices can be used and where they can be used. 

As an administrator, you can restrict the use of Bomgar only to specific networks. Or you can provision phones or tablets to use Mobile Rep Consoles. Either way, device verification gives you another authentication method.

Rep Auto Assign Monitor

Team leads and managers can now easily see which representatives are available to take sessions. Status indicators show whether representatives are idle, busy, available to take sessions, or have auto-assign turned off. 

Managers can hover over each rep’s name to see more details about his status. And a graph shows an overview of your entire team’s status.

Visibility into your support teams' availability can improve efficiency and lower response times.

Custom Fields for the Bomgar API

Create custom API fields to gather information about your customer, enabling you to more deeply integrate Bomgar in your support center. You can also make fields and their values visible in the representative console. Use of custom fields provides more flexibility when developing integrations for use in your environment, allowing seamless flow throughout your support process.

User Account Details Reporting

Easily export account information about your representatives for auditing purposes.

Enhanced Session Recording Options

Better meet your privacy initiatives with more selective session recording options. Determine which activities are recorded per portal. Additionally, customers can be given an opt-out prompt for all recordings. Selective recording allows help desks to establish a solid audit trail that includes recordings, while honoring specific customers' privacy concerns.

Failover API

Use new Bomgar API calls to manage failover, adding flexibility for integrating Bomgar into an existing disaster recovery process. Check the health of your Bomgar Appliances and set their failover roles, even when the two appliances reside on different networks.