Bomgar 14.1 - The Latest Remote Support Software

Bomgar 14.1 is the latest version of Bomgar’s remote support software. With Bomgar, support organizations can access and fix nearly any system or device, anywhere through a secure, appliance-based solution. Bomgar 14.1 unveils a new integration with Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), HTML5 chat support that works on mobile devices, a mobile presentation client, improved prompts and notifications, plus a number of configuration enhancements for portals and users.

14.1 Documents and Resources

Make Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) More Secure

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Security
Use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) through Bomgar without compromising security

Embedded Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol enhances RDP security by working across remote networks without VPN tunnels or open listening ports (TCP 3389).

Plus, routing RDP through Bomgar brings all the appliance-based security benefits of Bomgar to each remote desktop connection and gives you new options for collaboration!

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Add Live Chat Support to Your Website, Knowledgebase or Portal

HTML5 Live Chat Support for your Website
Offer HTML5 Chat Support from your Website

With Bomgar 14.1, Click-to-Chat supports HTML5. Now it’s easier than ever to integrate Bomgar chat support with your website, knowledgebase or support portal. Users can begin a conversation with your help desk instantly from the web.

HTML5 chat runs in a browser and requires no download. That lets reps assist customers or transfer them to the appropriate queue before any software is installed.

Assist Customers on Android and iOS

Bomgar's web-based click-to-chat relies on HTML5 technology. Customers can simply open an HTML5 compatible browser on their mobile devices to receive chat support. They don’t need to download and install one of Bomgar’s mobile apps unless deeper troubleshooting is needed. Click-to-chat for mobile reduces the support time for mobile customers and is a clean, simple experience.

Mobile Presentation Attendee Client

Android Tablet Screen Sharing Presentation
Joining a Screen Sharing Presentation on an Android Tablet

Attendees can join an online presentation from iPad, iPhone or Android device using the Bomgar Presentation mobile app. The same methods you have made available to attendees on desktop clients can be used by attendees on Android or iOS devices. During a presentation, attendees can zoom and pan, chat with the presenter and other attendees, and toggle or lock the toolbar.

Create Dynamic Support Session Permission Policies

Remote Support Session Policies
Remote Support Session Policies Define Permissions for Customer Interactions

With most remote support software, every session is the same. Either you can control the remote computer, or you can’t. Bomgar, on the other hand, gives administrators more than 50 permissions to define how reps, customers and remote systems interact at a very granular level.

Bomgar's support session policies are dynamic, rather than rigid, bringing additional flexibility to already-powerful security measures. Admins can customize support session permissions to fit a variety of support scenarios.

Support session policies let you change the permissions allowed in a remote support session based on the support portal the customer came through or even the specific endpoint being supported.

Streamlined Session Start

Bomgar support sessions now use ClickOnce or Java to reduce the number of clicks needed to start a support session, which means you can start supporting customers faster.

Privacy Screen for Mobile Reps

Reps using Android or Apple iOS devices can disable a remote display, protecting any sensitive data that may be accessed during a support session. This tool is essential when regulatory compliance is an issue.

Enhanced Customer Prompts

Sometimes you require permission from customers before performing certain troubleshooting steps. But waiting on customers can increase  call handling time. Now you can set prompts in the Bomgar Customer Client to appear as pop-ups, which are more noticeable to customers.

Enhanced Rep Notifications

Support reps can customize audible alerts and visual prompts so they never miss a notification from the Bomgar Representative Console.

Configurable Login Banner

Customize text to display prior to loging into any Bomgar administrative interface. Users must accept your conditions prior to logging in.

License Usage Reports

Do you want to determine the number of licenses you need for your support team? License usage reports can identify your peak usage and alert administrators whenever a rep is unable to log in due to unavailable licenses.

Automatic Elevation Service

Customers using the can pre-deploy Bomgar’s Automatic Elevation Service on customers’ computers to eliminate the need to enter credentials when elevating the customer client.

Multiple Appliance Administrators

Create multiple user accounts for the /appliance interface. View the guide to the Bomgar Appliance Web Interface.

Port Test Utility

Verify that the appliance can access a specific port on an endpoint. View the guide to the Bomgar Appliance Web Interface.

Configurable Syslog Format

The Bomgar Appliance can be configured to send syslog messages. Select which message format your Bomgar Appliance should use when sending syslog messages to a remote syslog server.

Atlas Management

Bomgar Atlas Technology Diagram
Bomgar Atlas Technology disperses support traffic over multiple Bomgar Appliances

Atlast Cluster Technology lets you set up multiple Bomgar Appliances in geographic clusters for regional load balancing between support teams.

New API commands make it easier to gain visibility into your Atlas cluster environment.

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