Updates for Support Administrators

Bomgar 13.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar administration.

Feature Standard Enterprise

Access to All Jump Clients in the System

Better segment Jump Clients while still giving some representatives access to all Jump Clients in the system, without requiring those representatives also to have the ability to modify Jump Clients.

Appliance Integration with Dell KACE

Configure and send outbound events when a support session ends, emailing session details to update help desk tickets on a KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance.

Canned Message Management

Continue to empower a web-based support service desk via improved chat capabilities. Enhanced canned message management now allows for more organized and consistent customer communication. Organize messages according to categories, make messages available across teams, and search for messages from within the chat interface.

Embedded Remote App Support for Android and iOS

Using the new Bomgar Software Development Kits for iOS and Android, app developers can embed Bomgar's remote support technology in your iOS and Android applications. This allows you to support your mobile applications remotely by offering in-app remote screen viewing, custom special actions, custom system information, and file transfer to help resolve application or training issues your users are experiencing.

Group Policy Usability Enhancements

More easily manage a user's group policy memberships. A user account lists the policies to which that user belongs, and a support team lists group policies which assign users to that team.

iOS Enterprise App Store Support

Enterprise mobile devices can now have access to the Bomgar iOS representative console via your organization’s Enterprise App Store.


Persistent Queue

Allow queues to be available for customer sessions to start even when no representatives are available. This provides additional flexibility for custom session routing management using the API.


Show My Screen Recording

Recordings are now available when Show My Screen session activity is used during a support session.