Updates for Administrators

Bomgar Privileged Access 15.2 contains the following updates for Bomgar administrators.



License Reporting and Auditing

Keep track of the number of endpoint licenses used. You can download a zip file containing detailed information on your Bomgar license use. This file contains a list of all Jump Items (not counting uninstalled Jump Clients), daily counts for Jump Item operations and license usage, and a summary for the Bomgar Appliance and its endpoint license usage and churn.

Enterprise Credential Manager Enhancements

Use credentials stored in a password vault for nearly all session types. Credentials from the Enterprise Credential Manager can be used for RDP login, Run As from special actions, performing Remote Push, and Shell Jump initiation (SSH).

Session Forensics

Session Forensics is a powerful feature that allows you to search across all sessions based on session events. The feature empowers administrators to quickly and effectively identify critical security events, and aids in the prevention of potential security breaches, as well as evidence discovery. Searchable events include chat messages, file transfer, registry editor, session foreground window changed, and shell recordings. Successful matches in stored shell recordings automatically take the user to that point in time in the recording.