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What the MFA?! Moving Beyond Passwords

Despite the rise of credential theft via phishing attacks and cyber-breaches, passwords alone are still the most common form of protection for employee accounts; many of which are used to gain access to sensitive data and systems. Not only are passwords often static, too easy to guess, and prone to… Watch the webcast

Screen Sharing Worth 1000 Chats

Chat is an excellent channel to improve service desk productivity, but when dealing with complex issues, it’s sometimes not enough. If your chat solution is implemented in a standalone silo, then customers may have to transfer to phone support when their issues go beyond the point of text, resulting in… Watch the webcast

Prevent Security Risks of Third Parties through Managing Privileged Access

Increasingly, high-profile data breaches are tracked to compromised third-parties or privileged accounts, which is often the attack pathway taken by cyber criminals. Privileged account credentials with connections to valuable systems give hackers access to critical systems without triggering any alarms, making those people and roles ideal targets. This webinar will… Watch the webcast

Control The Access, Control The Asset

An increasing number of high-profile data breaches are being traced back to compromised third-parties. Cybercriminals know that many companies have poor policies and technology in place to manage vendor access to their network. If a hacker takes advantage of vendor vulnerabilities and accesses your network disguised as a legitimate third-party,… Watch the webcast

Learn How UNC Health Care Improved Efficiency of Customer Support

The service desk continually invests time and money into solutions that can more efficiently track issues and resolve end-user requests. One key element in service desk support success is integrations, specifically between remote support and ticketing systems. Your remote support software should fit seamlessly into your environment and increase your… Watch the webcast

The Demise of Passwords and the Rise of Authentication Technologies

Cyberattacks dominated the news in 2015, and it’s likely that 2016 will be no different. Cyber criminals are relentless in their efforts to find and take advantage of security weaknesses, which often include privileged user credentials. As computing processing power continues to increase, it’s becoming possible to break even the… Watch the webcast

Managing Privileged Access Hacking Threats

Privileged access is a game of managing risk, and breaches leveraging privileged access exploits will solidify as the ‘attack of choice’ this year. Privileged account credentials with connections to valuable systems give hackers access to critical systems without triggering any alarms, making those people and roles the ideal target for… Watch the webcast

Top Tips for Vendor Management

IT professionals have a lot to think about. They are called upon to be both technologists and strategists, guiding their organizations through the technology frontier and driving new business. That being said, choosing tools to better manage security can be a stressful decision. Among security issues, vendor access and third… Watch the webcast

Close the Door to Cyber-Attacks with Secure Vendor Access

Watch a cyber-attack unfold live to show you how your vendors can unwittingly leave the door open to your network and understand how to prevent these by managing, controlling and auditing all vendor access This webcast will offer best practice recommendations on how to secure vendor access to your organization.… Watch the webcast

Combat Higher Education Support Challenges Through Collaboration & Consolidation

Tech support at a college or university can be a daunting task to take on. Most IT departments in higher education face meeting varying support demands of faculty, staff and students that are often spread across multiple locations. This makes delivering unified service a challenge. This session will outline how… Watch the webcast

Ten Steps to Reap the Rewards of Chat Support

Study after study confirms that chat is both a cost effective and customer friendly channel. However, many organizations haven’t yet implemented chat or are still relying on email and phone as primary support channels. Moving to chat can be a daunting task, and too many organizations add chat as a… Watch the webcast

Desktop Support and Data Breaches: The Unknown Dangers

According to the 2014 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report, remote control tops the “must have” list of technologies to successfully provide desktop support to end users. Unfortunately, many service desks are using legacy remote access tools that often leave security gaps putting companies at higher risk of data… Watch the webcast

Securing Remote Access against Backoff Malware and More

The Department of Homeland Security has issued an advisory for the “Backoff Point-of-Sale Malware,” which has compromised nearly 600 U.S. businesses. According to Karl Sigler, threat intelligence manager with Trustwave, “The criminals gained initial access through remote access systems set up on many POS systems for support and troubleshooting purposes.… Watch the webcast

Improving ITSM Metrics with Remote Support

Fast incident resolution is at the center of so many ITSM metrics, and remote support is a key part of a multi-channel contact center’s ability to speed time to resolution. This webinar will outline unique types of metrics that you can capture using remote support technologies, how they are related,… Watch the webcast

No End User? No Problem. Mastering Unattended Remote Support with Bomgar.

With more and more systems and devices needing technical support, you can’t always have or wait on end-user assistance to get you the access you need. Many remote support solutions don’t provide access to unattended systems in their core product. But with Bomgar Jump clients you can remotely access Windows,… Watch the webcast

Increasing Customer Satisfaction Despite Increased Service Desk Demands

Front-line stories from Boise State, Green Clinic Health Systems and The CLM Group Yesterday’s service desk is fast disappearing. New technology and the eradication of geographic boundaries is changing customer expectations and service desk demands. Amid these new pressures, support organizations are taking important steps to create positive change to… Watch the webcast

Stop Squandering Service Management Spend: Maximize ROI through Integration

Today’s support centers spend a lot of money and resources on technology, including phones, service management, remote support, self-help, and knowledge base systems. Unfortunately, most organizations only leverage the most basic functions within these tools, rather than exploiting the wide variety of available features. Often this is due to user… Watch the webcast

Say Goodbye to Yesterday’s Service Desk

A recent Forrester Research survey found that when IT and business organizations are asked whether IT delivers high-quality, timely end user support that anticipates employee/customer needs, there is a huge disparity. IT professionals think they are doing a good job, whereas the business disagrees. For most IT organizations, the service… Watch the webcast

Stop Hackers by Securing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for IT Support

Many IT departments and IT services vendors rely on Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access and work on their own or their clients’ remote computers and systems. Unfortunately, RDP is a common access pathway for hackers, who easily guess default logins and passwords or use brute-force attacks to gain… Watch the webcast

Mobile Device Support and BYOD: Managing Today’s Mobile Demands

Three years ago, in response to upheaval in the technical service and support industry, HDI set out to investigate the current practices and opinions surrounding support for end-user mobile devices. At the time, BlackBerry was the device of choice across the board, and the term “BYOD” had only recently been… Watch the webcast

The ROI of Remote Support: A case study by Forrester Consulting

Forrester Consulting recently completed a case study examining the total economic impact and potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying the Bomgar remote support solution. To quantify the impact of using Bomgar’s technology, Forrester interviewed staff from Surgical Information Systems (SIS), a provider of perioperative information technology software. The Bomgar… Watch the webcast

Supporting Mobile Employees: Does Your Remote Support Service Stack Up?

With the continued rise of bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives, and mobile employees using varied devices such as tablets and smartphones, a new, highly complex set of support and security challenges has arisen for IT. In this webinar Ovum Research will outline the findings from a recent survey of… Watch the webcast

Process Integration and Automation is a Key to ITSM Success

Processes ensure that service delivery is consistent, managed effectively, and that everyone is working towards the same goal. However, the potential flaw with processes is the requirement for human intervention, which is why Integration and Automation are key. In this webinar we'll review the key processes for IT teams and… Watch the webcast

How Universities are Improving the Tech Support Experience for Students & Staff

Colleges and universities are often at the forefront of new tech support challenges, from BYOD, to supporting remote campuses and online students, to keeping up with the latest social media tools. Yet despite these modern complications, some higher education institutions are not just keeping up with the demands of supporting… Watch the webcast

The Dangers of Managing to Metrics in Your Service Desk

Service desks run their business and make critical decisions based on metrics. However, if the metrics used are unbalanced or biased, organizations may be making big decisions based on misleading information. Bomgar’s Manager of Business Solutions, Sara Lisch, will point out the pitfalls involved when support teams are evaluated and… Watch the webcast

Uncover the Value of Customer Satisfaction Data to Transform Your Service Desk

When measured correctly, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data can open a window into your customer base. The cornerstone of every support organization should be an effective process for gathering, analyzing, and applying CSAT data. Bomgar’s Senior Director of Business Solutions, Robert Jew, will outline a methodology for creating a successful CSAT… Watch the webcast

Extending "Desktop" Support for Today’s Mobile Assets

With the popularity of remote working, using smartphones and tablets for work, and BYOD programs, traditional “desktop” support has become quite complex. Today’s IT organizations are challenged to provide end-to-end support—from software distribution and patching to asset management and incident support—for a wide variety of devices and platforms located around… Watch the webcast

Does Your Desktop Support Stack Up? Benchmarks & Best Practices from HDI

Join us as Senior IT Manager and HDI Contributor, Mike Hanson, walks us through results from the 2013 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report, focusing on desktop support staffing and the use of remote support. Then hear from Bomgar Senior Solutions Engineer, Adam White, to learn best practices for… Watch the webcast

Is Your Service Desk Helping or Hindering Today’s Hackers?

Dave Hylender unlocks this year's Verizon Business Data Breach Investigation Report, sharing key findings on the most common attack pathways, who's at risk and how the threat landscape is changing. Then Bomgar's Nathan McNeill outlines why remote access tools continue to be a popular pathway for hackers and provides practical… Watch the webcast