Easily enable 2FA for secure access to your network

Implementing multi factor authentication gives you confidence in the connections your technicians and administrators are making everyday. Bomgar Verify is a TOTP native 2FA capability that can be enabled for any Bomgar user and further verifies the identity of users before a Bomgar session is launched.

Bomgar Verify can be enabled for Local and LDAP accounts using common multifactor apps, such as Google Authenticator. The existing Bomgar username/password works in conjunction with a second factor passcode delivered via these soft-token applications to the user’s smart phone or tablet.

Two factor authentication is built-in to Bomgar Remote Support and Bomgar Privileged Access at no additional cost. Further mitigate the risk of cyber breaches and meet compliance regulations by requiring two factor authentication as part of a comprehensive approach to secure remote access.

Leverage Existing Multifactor Investments

Bomgar also offers free integrations with other multifactor authentication solutions. Companies who need additional functionality or want to extend their enterprise multifactor authentication processes to Bomgar can leverage our integrations with third party providers, such as Duo, RSA, SecurEnvoy, and SecureAuth.

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