Product Changelog

Bomgar Release 14.2.1



  • This version of Bomgar has been certified for physical and virtual Bomgar appliances (B200, B300 & B400).
  • Physical and virtual appliances require Base software 4.0.5 or later before installing Bomgar 14.2.1.

New Features

  • Centralized Rep Console Settings – Provide a repeatable, consistent support experience to your support representatives by defining the rep console settings for your entire team. 
  • Configurable Jump Client Installer - Automate the mass deployment of your Jump Client network by utilizing custom deployment scripts allowing for configurable parameters at deployment time.
  • Delegated Password Administration - Delegate the task of resetting local users’ passwords to privileged users, without also granting full administrator permissions.
  • Jump Client Access Schedule - Better control access to Jump Clients using time schedules and durations.  Also set how long a Jump Client remains active before being automatically uninstalled.
  • Remote Registry Editor - Access a remote Windows registry without requiring screen sharing.
  • Rep Console Device Verification - Enforce the networks on which your representative consoles may be used, or require multi-factor authentication to log into the representative console.
  • Rep-to-Rep Screen Sharing - Representatives can more fully collaborate by instantly sharing their screens with team members, without requiring a support session.
  • System Information Actions - Interact with services and processes directly from the System Info tab of the representative console, without requiring screen sharing. Kill processes; start, stop, pause, resume, and restart services; and uninstall programs. 
  • Actionable System Information for Android devices – When supporting an Android device, remotely stop or uninstall apps from the System Info tab of the representative console. 
  • User Account Auditing - Easily export account information about your representatives for auditing purposes.
  • Wake-On-LAN - Remotely support computers, even when they are turned off utilizing Wake-on-LAN technology through Bomgar.

Other Enhancements

  • Custom Fields - Create up to 30 custom API fields which can be made visible in the representative console.
  • Embassy Enhancements - Expand support capabilities for your third-party embassies.  Embassy users can now be granted access to Jumpoints to start sessions with unattended systems on a remote network.
  • Enhanced Session Recording Options - Better meet your privacy initiatives with more selective session recording options. Determine which activities are recorded per portal.
  • Failover API - Use new Bomgar API calls to check the health of your Bomgar Appliances and set their failover roles, even when the two appliances reside on different networks.
  • Mass Deployment on Mac - Seamlessly deploy Bomgar to your Macs using your existing systems management tools.
  • Multi-team Jump Client Access - Allow teams and embassies to share their jump clients with other teams without requiring users be a member of both teams.
  • Overflow Routing Rules - Keep customer wait times low by alerting representatives of sessions with a high wait time or by routing those sessions to a backup queue.
  • Rep Auto-assign Monitor - Better manage your help desk efficiency with more representative status indicators such as whether representatives are available, are idle, are busy, or have auto-assign turned off. 
  • Jump Clients now have two Session Policies, an attended policy and an unattended policy providing for prompting only for attended machines.
  • HTML5 Chat is now supported on BlackBerry 10.x, Internet Explorer 10 Mobile, and Internet Explorer 11 Mobile.
  • Session Information elements displayed in the Rep Console can now be individually selected and copied.

Issues Resolved

Session Permission Policies

  • Resolved an issue with the spinner displaying below the Session Policy Simulator when not necessary.


  • Resolved an issue with the Command Shell Recording column not showing up in reports.
  • Resolved an issue with Remote Screenshot events not displaying in reports.
  • When downloading a report in Excel format both xml and xlsx formats are now available.

Security Providers

  • Resolved an issue when utilizing a security provider’s test settings option where the settings were being saved instead of tested.
  • Resolved an issue with the wrong error message being displayed when using Kerberos to login with a login schedule.
  • Resolved an issue with an inaccurate error message being displayed when renaming a user.


  • Resolved an issue with external users not showing up in the Embassy Users list.

Rep Console

  • Resolved an issue with popup notifications not adhering to the specified durations.
  • Resolved an issue with accepting a session more than once causing problems with the Session Information displayed.
  • Resolved an issue where an Elevation Failed Message is displayed even though the elevation attempt was successful.
  • Resolved an issue with not being able to scroll through the session tabs if there are more computer name tabs than can be viewed without scrolling.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the rep console does not recognize a USB connected smartcard after a reboot until it is removed and reinserted.
  • Resolved a display issue with System Information where high memory usage processes were getting capped at 2GB.

Jump Client

  • Resolved an issue with vPro sessions started behind a proxy server not connecting properly.


  • Resolved an issue with vPro sessions started behind a proxy server not connecting properly.


  • Resolved an issue with a blue outline being displayed on the screen after elevating a session.
  • Resolved an issue with command-line arguments not working properly in the Mass Deployment Jump Client Installer on Macs.
  • Resolved an issue when jumping to a Jump Client on a Mac, requesting screen sharing when the client has turned off screen sharing, then an erroneous message displays unknown display color depth :0.

Mobile Devices

  • Mobile Customer Clients now receive a different Session Recording prompt specific for mobile devices.
  • Resolved an issue with starting a session on a BlackBerry devices when java applets are enabled.
  • Resolved an issue with sessions not starting properly on Windows Mobile devices.


  • Resolved an issue that caused a mouse control problem with HDMI monitors on the customer client side.
  • Resolved an issue with the wallpaper sometimes not being restored after a screen sharing session has ended on Windows 7.
  • Resolved an issue that occurred when a session times out while a user is requesting a download, then the user logs back in, multiple user download requests appeared.
  • A Success message is now displayed when saving the email address on the Management -> Email Configuration page.
  • Resolved an issue with editing an Exit Survey and an error message being displayed stating, “there is already an entry with this value”.
  • Added a character limit of 1024 to the options field when creating Exit Survey questions.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep Invite Session Keys not successfully downloading.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep Invites failing if the user used an apostrophe character in their name.
  • Resolved an issue causing lost reporting data after upgrading.

As always with our major releases, a big thanks goes to our Early Adopters!  With your help, the following resolved issues have also been included in this release. 

Remote Registry

  • Now the Rep Console Registry Editor can edit binary values. 
  • Resolved an issue with registry failure notifications not showing up if an error is generated while attempting to update the registry.
  • Resolved an issue with the Registry Keys not being able to be renamed when the associated default Registry Value was selected.
  • Resolved an issue with the Refresh button not being enabled after refreshing the top level Registry key.
  • Resolved an issue with a Registry key found using the search function not being able to be deleted.
  • Resolved an issue with Registry searches being performed as System instead of the currently logged in user.
  • The Registry search now remembers the settings from the prior search.  Also, cancelling a search now resets the search and search next options.
  • Resolved an issue with Registry searches only displaying the first value found.
  • Disabled the ability to delete or rename a registry key button if they have no values to be deleted or renamed.
  • Resolved an issue with undesirable behavior when pinning the sidebar from the registry tab before starting the registry service.
  • Resolved an issue with not being able to export a Registry Key when the Customer Client is run on Windows XP 32bit.
  • Integration Client now supports new session event types such as screenshot captured and registry events

Rep-to-Rep Screen Sharing

  • Rep-To-Rep Screen Sharing now only uses the Private Display Name.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep-To-Rep Screen Sharing not showing up in reports.
  • The Virtual Pointer is now enabled by default when Rep-To-Rep screen sharing is initiated.

System Information Actions

  • Resolved an issue with failing to perform service actions in the Actionable System Info window when the service used a single quote, “’”.

Embassy Enhancements

  • Resolved an issue with the first Team/Embassy to be created showing up in the wrong Jump Client Access List.

Known Issues

  • Jump Clients running on Mac 0S X 10.6 will not upgrade until a user logs in.


  • Integration Client (1.3.9) is compatible with 12.1.1+ and greater versions of our product.
  • Bomgar 14.2.1 utilizes API version 1.12.0
  • Bomgar 14.2.1 release works with the following Bomgar Mobile versions:
    • Samsung Customer Client & Android Customer Client (version 2.2.3+)
    • iOS™ Rep Console (version 2.2.4+)
    • Android Rep Console (version 2.2.3+)
    • NOTE:  The above mobile apps require trusted CA-signed certificates on the appliance.