Product Changelog

Bomgar Release 14.1.4



  • This maintenance release of Bomgar has been certified for physical Bomgar appliances (B200, B300 & B400) and the virtual appliance.
  • The physical and virtual appliance require Base software 4.0.5 or later before installing Bomgar 14.1.4.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Session Information elements displayed in the Rep Console can now be individually selected and copied.

Issues Resolved:


  • Resolved an issue with Remote Screenshot events not displaying in reports.

Security Providers

  • Resolved an issue with an inaccurate error message being displayed when renaming a user.

Group Policies

  • Resolved an issue with copied Group Policies not retaining the settings of pre-configured Session Policies.


  • Resolved an issue with clients not being able to connect to Traffic Nodes when the Master Node had an ID that was being inappropriately interpreted.
  • Resolved an issue where a cluster sync warning would display when there was no cluster sync problem.
  • Resolved an issue with Traffic Nodes sometimes thinking they were still a member of the cluster after disbanding.

Rep Console

  • Resolved an issue wherein the rep console does not recognize a USB-connected smartcard after a reboot until it is removed and reinserted.
  • Resolved an issue with not being able to scroll through the session tabs if there were more session tabs than can be viewed without scrolling.
  • Resolved an issue that caused a mouse control problem with HDMI monitors on the customer client side.
  • Resolved an issue where an Elevation Failed message was displayed even though the elevation attempt was successful.
  • Resolved an issue where the incorrect display name was shown in the chat dialog after a file transfer to another representative had completed.

Customer Client

  • Resolved an issue with the language selection not being maintained after a Customer Client has elevated.
  • Resolved an issue with the wallpaper sometimes not being restored after a screen sharing session has ended on Windows 7.
  • Resolved an issue with the Customer Client having problems after rebooting into Safe Mode on Windows 8.

Jump Client

  • Resolved an issue causing a Jump Client installation failure on Windows XP machines using the Safari Browser.


  • Resolved an issue where you could not copy text from the customer client chat window running on Macs.


  • Resolved an issue with some number pad keys not being injected correctly when sent through an Embedded RDP session.
  • Resolved an issue wherein logical keys were being injected instead of physical keys when inside an Embedded RDP session.

Mobile Devices

  • Resolved an issue with starting a session on a BlackBerry device when java applets are enabled.


  • Resolved an issue with an incorrect message being displayed under the “Display Value” field when creating Exit Survey questions in /login.
  • Resolved an issue with editing an Exit Survey and an error message being displayed stating, “there is already an entry with this value”.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep Invite Session Keys not successfully downloading.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep Invites failing if the user’s name contained an apostrophe character.
  • Resolved an issue where reps could inadvertently be disconnected and receive login errors.

Known Issues

  • Jump Clients running on Mac 0S X 10.6 will not upgrade until a user logs in.


  • Integration Client 1.3.9 (804) is compatible with 12.1.1+ and greater versions of our product.
  • Backup Client (138) is compatible with 12.1.1+ and greater versions of our product.   
  • Bomgar 14.1.4 release works with the following Bomgar Mobile versions:
    • iOS™ & Android Customer Clients (version 2.1.0+)
    • iOS™ Rep Console (version 2.2.3+)
    • Android Rep Console (version 2.2.2+)
    • iOS™ & Android Presentation Clients (version 2.2.0+)
    • NOTE:  The above mobile apps require trusted CA-signed certificates on the appliance.