Product Changelog

Bomgar Release 14.1.1



  • This version of Bomgar has been certified for physical Bomgar appliances (B200, B300 & B400) and the virtual appliance.
  • [Updated January 28, 2014] The physical appliance and the virtual appliance require Base software 4.0.1 or later before installing Bomgar 14.1.1.

New Features

  • RDP Integration - Leverage the added benefits of using Bomgar with your RDP-enabled systems.
  • Session Permission Policies - Customize support session security permissions to fit specific support scenarios.
  • Click-to-Chat Mobile - Chat with customers on mobile devices without requiring an app download.
  • * Configurable Login Banner - Display restrictions and policy rules before administering Bomgar.
  • HTML5 Chat - Allows customers running an HTML5 compatible browser to use Bomgar's Click-2-Chat without the need for Adobe® Flash®.
  • * Bomgar Automatic Elevation Service - Enables automatic elevation of the customer client without providing credentials.
  • License Usage Reporting - Run reports to view peak usage of Bomgar licenses, grouped by hour, day, or month.
  • Mobile Presentation Attendee Client – Join presentations from your iOS and Android devices. 

Other Enhancements

  • * Atlas Management APIs - With three new API commands, gain further visibility into your Atlas cluster environment.
  • Enhanced Customer Prompts - New pop-up prompts can be enabled for desktop Customer Clients, making it clearer for your customers to see and respond to prompts during a support session.
  • Streamlined Session Start - Your customers can now connect to your help desk faster and easier with as little as a single click.
  • Enhanced Rep Notification - Customizable audio alerts and louder default alerts help representatives maintain optimal efficiency. Representatives can granularly configure which events trigger alerts and can upload custom audio files.
  • Configurable Customer Client File Transfer - Admins now have the ability to disable file transfer from the customer client to the rep console.
  • Report Download Format Options - Added Excel format as a download option for reports.
  • Email Notification Configuration – Configure the “From” address field that is used to send email notifications from the appliance.
  • Syncing SMTP settings in Atlas configurations - SMTP settings can now be configured for the individual traffic node versus just on the master node.  
  • Added support for the Representative Public and Private Display Names.
  • Mobile Rep Privacy Screen – Privacy screen is now available for reps on mobile devices. The representative must have the permission to restrict the customer’s display, mouse, and keyboard.
  • Bomgar Virtual Smart Card drivers are now available for download on the My Accounts page.

Issues Resolved


  • Resolved an issue with extra headers showing up in downloaded License Usage reports.
  • Resolved an issue with License Usage reports showing an extra month on monthly reports.
  • Resolved an issue with Team Activity Reports missing the Total Events label.

Session Permission Policies

  • Resolved an issue where deleting a policy would default users of that policy to be “Not Defined”.
  • Resolved an issue with the Session Policy drop-down menu.
  • Resolved an issue with the Prompting Options always appearing when they should not be visible.
  • Resolved an issue with the Session Policy Simulator not clearing out previously selected Bomgar Button options.
  • Modifications of the Session Policy UI to clarify configuration workflow.
  • Resolved an issue with the Rep Invites on the Session Policy Simulator not being alphabetically sorted.
  • Resolved an issue with “Not Defined” showing in the Timeout option while editing the Global Default policy.

Group Policies

  • Resolved an issue with deleting a Group Policy and then re-adding resulting in an invalid error, “There is already an entry with this value” message.
  • Resolved an issue with adding LDAP “Groups” security providers using the “Generic LDAP Server” template.


  • Resolved an issue with Failover syncs not occurring if the time zone was not set to UTC.
  • Resolved an issue with manual Failovers not triggering the reconnect logic for the LDAP connection agent.

Rep Console

  • Resolved an issue causing the Rep Console to show desirable behavior when monitoring another Rep and ending the session.
  • Resolved an issue with Virtual Smart Card drivers not installing on Windows XP when using a local push.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Rep Console to stop accepting input if certain Rep Console windows were available.
  • Resolved an issue preventing scrolling in Customer Client Chat Transcript for some browser/OS combinations.
  • Resolved an issue with embassies associated with Rep Invites being displayed in the Rep Invite drop down menu.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep Invite Rep Consoles prompting to uninstall every time the Rep Console is closed.
  • Resolved an issue with Popup Notifications not appearing in the General Queue.
  • Resolved an issue with the Rep Console window not restoring to the proper size after being minimized.
  • Resolved an issue with the Push URL button being enabled when connected to Click-To-Chat sessions.
  • Resolved an issue with Custom Special Actions appearing during an embedded RDP session.
  • Resolved an issue with keys typed not corresponding correctly to the console on Windows 7 and later Windows operating systems.
  • The Representative can now toggle between digits and navigation of the number pad with the Representative’s NumLock state.
  • Resolved an issue with some keys not inserting correctly when using the Hebrew language pack.
  • A notification has been added to the Privacy Screen that lets the Representative know that some of the UI elements might not be visible because of the Privacy Screen.
  • Resolved an issue with the Rep Console becoming unresponsive for short periods of time when accepting sessions.
  • Resolved an issue with Special Actions always prompting the Representative.
  • Resolved an issue with chat not scrolling to the end when new messages were received.
  • The Rep Console can now be sized down to 640x512 to allow for the Windows snap-to-edge feature to work in most screen resolutions.
  • Resolved an issue with some timestamps showing 24 hour time and the AM/PM label when only one or the other should be shown.


  • Resolved an issue with RDP connections not connecting properly from  Windows XP.
  • Resolved an issue with RDP sessions not identifying themselves as Windows-based operating systems.
  • Resolved an issue with Bomgar RDP sessions attempting to automatically reconnect when purposely disconnecting the session.
  • Resolved an issue with logging out of an RDP session causing the client to log right back in.

Customer Client

  • Resolved an issue with cached credentials not remaining after the first reboot.
  • Resolved an issue with the Elevation Service not checking the site address.
  • Resolved an issue with problems starting a session if the Customer Agreement was very long.


  • Resolved an issue with Right-Click not working properly when an attendee is given control during a flash based presentation.
  • Resolved an issue where some windows would not be usable while a Presentation was active.
  • Resolved an issue with Flash Presentation Clients not connecting to sites with Self-Signed Certificates.
  • Resolved an issue with joining Presentations with Unicode attendee names.


  • The Customer Exit survey will now be loaded in the current window.
  • Chat messages from Click-To-Chat clients are now limited to 2,048 characters.

Jump Client

  • Jump Client service display names no longer contain numeric IDs but instead use the site’s hostname further allowing up to 10 Jump Clients per system. 
  • Expired Jump Client MSI installers now show an error message when they are run.


  • Jumpoint installers are now deleted after the Jumpoint authenticates with the server.
  • Resolved an issue with the advanced options showing when using Shell Jump via a Jumpoint with only provisioned access allowed.

Integration Client

  • Resolved an issue with parsing the xml response to include the xml namespace.
  • Resolved an issue with Session Note Added events not extracting the body of the note.
  • Resolved an issue with re-downloading recordings even if they were set to be skipped.
  • Resolved an issue with the Integration Client having trouble downloading when downloading large sessions.


  • Resolved an issue with some keystrokes occasionally not getting inserted on Macs.
  • Resolved an issue with some Bomgar Buttons not upgrading properly on Macs.
  • Resolved an issue with the Mac Rep Console’s Jump Client Properties button not showing all of the text.
  • Resolved an issue with hiding “Desktop and Desktop Icons” still being visible during presentations on Macs.
  • Resolved an issue with Rep Console not resizing properly on Macs.


  • Resolved an issue with not being able to copy and paste into xterm.


  • Resolved an issue with Android and iOS clients being redirected back to the Support Portal instead of the specific market to download the app.

API [Updated 1/22/2014]

  • Our command and reporting APIs now return XML responses that declare a namespace.  If customers are parsing these XML responses with a namespace aware parser, they will need to set the namespace appropriately, or ignore the namespace while parsing the xml.  This could affect Bomgar integrations as well as customer built integrations.  Customers should test their code against a 14.1.1 site before upgrading if possible.


  • Resolved an issue with the /login user handling after the session expired.
  • Resolved an issue with failover causing email alerts to be sent when a shared IP is removed.
  • Resolved an issue causing jumbled text when copy/pasting in Click-to-Chat.
  • Resolved an issue with Session Start Java applet not validating certificates with more than one certificate chain.
  • The user permissions for setting Public Portals for Jump Clients and Bomgar Buttons has been split and moved to different sections of the user permissions page.
  • Resolved an issue with the error message not being displayed when starting a co-browsing session with an invalid session key.
  • Resolved an issue with being able to create various entities (users, teams, policies, etc.) that are similar except for case sensitivity.  These entities are now compared based on case-insensitivity to look for duplicates.
  • An error message is displayed now if the Install Mode is not selected when creating a Bomgar Button registry file.
  • Resolved an issue with the Display Driver being presented for download instead of the Recording Viewer.
  • Resolved an issue with the exit survey preview option not showing the default answer at the top of the drop-down menu.
  • Now enforcing a limit of 1024 characters in the text input area for exit surveys.


  • Items with an asterisk (*) require an Enterprise license
  • Updated API Version to 1.11.0
  • Integration Client ( is compatible with 12.1.1+ and greater versions of our product.
  • Backup Client (138) is compatible with 12.1.1+ and greater versions of our product.   
  • Discontinued support of Mac OS X 10.4 and Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Bomgar 14.1.1 release works with the following Bomgar Mobile versions:
    • iOS™ & Android Customer Clients (version 2.1.0+)
    • iOS™ Rep Console (version 2.2.3+) 
    • Android Rep Console (version 2.2.2+)
    • iOS™ & Android Presentation Clients (version 2.2.0+)

NOTE:  The above mobile apps require trusted CA-signed certificates on the appliance.