Offer Live Chat Support from Your Website

When websites or web applications are critical to your business, you want to ensure customers are able to use them properly. Whether you’re a bank helping customers use their online accounts, or a software vendor assisting clients with specific web applications, the ability to see the end-user’s screen and show them what to do makes the process much easier.

Traditional remote support sessions involve full screen-sharing capabilities, allowing the support rep to view and control all of the end-user’s applications on the remote system. But this level of access isn’t necessary for support organizations that are only helping customers with a specific website or application. For security and compliance reasons, you may want to limit the support rep from going beyond the browser into unauthorized files and systems.

The Solution

Bomgar includes the option to give support representatives view-only access to the remote browser, allowing them to assist with web applications without having full access to the end-user’s computer. During these Collaborative Browser Sharing sessions, the rep can view and mark-up the browser screen, chat with the end-user, and push URLs to new sites, allowing the rep to more quickly understand the issue and guide the end-user to a speedy resolution.  But they cannot see or access any other content on the remote desktop, improving security for the end-user.

As with every Bomgar session, remote system access and session information is routed through the secure Bomgar appliance, which sits on-premises within the support organization’s own security measures. This means session data never passes through a third-party server, a concern with traditional co-browsing solutions.

  • Collaborative Browser Sharing: Collaborative Browser Sharing sessions give support representatives view-only access to the customer’s browser, allowing them to better understand the end-user’s issue and quickly guide them to a resolution. While connected, the support representative can view the browser, chat with the customer, make annotations on the screen and push URLs to the remote browser.
  • Session Recording: With session recording in Bomgar, you can track every action taken by a support rep within a remote support session. These details include what web applications they viewed and annotated, as well as the full chat transcript. All recordings are stored for 90 days on the Bomgar appliance in a raw format and are converted to FLV (Flash) when viewed or downloaded. In addition, you can export or store support session videos in external databases
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Bomgar enables you to monitor all remote support sessions in real time. Administrators can transfer sessions and join sessions as needed.

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"This solution most certainly gives us a competitive edge. When we are trying to engage a new client, we will do a Bomgar session with them and show them the capability that we have for ensuring their IT needs. They are blown away by the fact that it will be so easy for them to connect and get support."