Meet compliance regulations without hindering plant efficiency

Energy and utilities organizations face incredible pressure when it comes to securing their industrial control systems and networks. Unexpected downtime or power outages not only harms productivity but can also severely impact consumers, employees, and personnel. Reliable and secure remote access is imperative to keep operations up and running.

Utilities organizations commonly have machinery and systems running older operating software that is costly or challenging to upgrade, so you need a solution that works across a variety of operating systems, all while following compliance guidelines such as NERC CIP.

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“The recording capability is one of many examples of how Bomgar is designed with usability in mind. It enables us to track our support team’s performance as well as create videos for our knowledge base library, which serves as a powerful resource for our team.”

Head of IT Services and Operations, Northumbrian Water Group

Meet compliance mandates for utilities

Energy and utilities organizations require extra precaution when accessing operational technology in a plant. To prevent unauthorized use or access to networks, many regulations require comprehensive access controls, including audit trails, unique user identification, transmission security, emergency access procedures, encryption, and automatic logoff.

Bomgar Secure Access Solutions can help you meet a variety of energy and utilities regulations and standards, such as NERC CIP, enabling users to quickly access the systems and data they need without putting your ICS networks at risk.

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