Improve Support Training with Screen Sharing, Annotations and Chat

Remote support can help greatly in resolving technology problems. However, sometimes the problem is not with the technology, but with the user’s understanding of it. By taking the opportunity to train the user, you can not only improve satisfaction, but also prevent future support requests. Whether walking through the problem on the user’s screen or presenting their own, support technicians need the right tools to be effective. 

In addition, continuous training and knowledge sharing needs to occur with the support team itself.  Today’s support teams are often physically dispersed, making solutions for virtual training more and more important.

The Solution

Bomgar offers an effective means for technicians to instruct users or other team members, whether the situation calls for one-on-one training, one-to-few demonstrations, in-depth remote troubleshooting, or all three at once. Bomgar also allows multiple reps to collaborate within a session, allowing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide on-the-job training to less experienced technicians. And of course the Bomgar Appliance captures a log of every session, including video recordings that managers can review and use for future training sessions.

  • Show my Screen: Bomgar’s Show My Screen feature allows you to let an end-user view your entire screen or just certain applications. Shift back and forth between remote support and presentation without disconnecting from the user.
  • Presentation: Built-in Presentation capabilities let you do online training with the same tool you use for remote support. During a presentation, attendees can chat with the presenter, chat with everyone attending and change the scale of the viewing area to better see your screen.
  • Annotations: Bomgar lets you mark up and highlight the end-user’s screen even if full remote control is not enabled. Simply draw on the screen to provide visual cues or to highlight areas as needed.
  • Communication & Collaboration: The Bomgar remote support solution enables support teams to swarm around issues by allowing multiple people to collaborate within a single remote support session. By allowing frontline reps to work with a more skilled representative or external expert in a remote support solution, Bomgar greatly increases knowledge sharing and reduces technician turnover.
  • Integrated Chat: With Bomgar's Click-to-Chat feature, support reps can chat with end-users to gather information, better explain the issue and answer questions.
  • Session Recording: Once you enable session recording in Bomgar, you can see videos of support sessions annotated with details from the support session, which can be used as examples of what to do (or what not to do) during support sessions.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Bomgar enables you to monitor all remote support sessions in real time. Administrators can transfer sessions, join sessions, or even view the rep's entire desktop for performance monitoring. After the fact, Bomgar's customizable exit survey enables you to measure rep performance.

"The users feel that we are personalizing their assistance even though we are helping them remotely. This lets us turn the session into a teaching moment. Rather than just fixing the problem for them, we can say, ‘You know, there’s an easier way you can do this’ and show them how they can avoid similar issues the next time."