Secure Remote Access for Point-of-Sale (POS) Support

Because of their geographically distributed nature and limited interfaces, kiosks and point of sale (POS) systems present unique challenges for technology support organizations. Many of these systems are unattended and based in remote locations, separated from the organization’s main network by a local firewall. Even if an end-user is present at the terminal, he or she is often unable to assist the tech support rep in gaining remote access due to restrictions on certain types of interaction or lack of technical knowledge. 

In addition to these challenges, hackers are ramping up their efforts to steal payment card data by gaining unauthorized access to point-of-sale (POS) systems, which are viewed as easy targets. 

According to a recent Visa Security Alert: “Insecure remote access continues to be the most frequent attack method used by intruders to gain access to a merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) environment.” Unfortunately, many companies don’t even realize their support teams or vendors are using outdated, unsecured remote access tools, leaving the door wide open to hackers.

“Retailers are often prime targets for criminal groups exploiting weak, guessable, or default credentials via third-party remote access services to POS systems.”

Verizon Business RISK Team,

The Solution

Bomgar’s unique, appliance-based remote support solution allows you to remotely access and fix nearly any POS terminal or kiosk, anywhere, while keeping sensitive data and system access behind your own secure firewall.  Bomgar provides easy, scalable access to hundreds or thousands of systems, and can be configured either to require the user to initiate the support session or to enable access completely without the user's involvement. Bomgar's industry-leading security ensures that sensitive data stays secure. And with Bomgar's concurrent licensing - based on the number of technicians, not the number of systems - you can have access to all of your systems without wasting money on unused licenses.

  • Web-Enabled: Bomgar works transparently through firewalls without configuration, so you can gain access to any system, even if it is behind a firewall you don't control. Bomgar's Jump Zone Proxy feature makes it possible for technicians to access kiosks and POS systems over the internet, even if the systems themselves have no native connection to the web.
  • Multi-platform Support: With Bomgar, you only need one solution to support all of your systems running any platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.
  • Anytime or User-Initiated Access: Bomgar gives you the options both of a lightweight on-demand applet for user-initiated access and a pre-installed client for anytime access. Bomgar's anytime access technology, called JumpTM, enables you to group and organize any number of remote systems and gain access through the web with just a click.
  • Access Locked-Down Systems behind the Firewall: Bomgar enables remote support for POS systems, locked-down desktops or other computers that lack native internet access. Because Bomgar can function as a broker or proxy, technicians can gain remote access to systems that would otherwise be unreachable.
  • Industry-Leading Security:  Bomgar enables granular control over technician permissions through individual or group policies integrated with your own internal directory, such as Active Directory. Bomgar also records sessions in video format so that you can audit every click and keystroke of every session, ensuring the privacy of your users and the integrity of system data.
  • Secure Vendor Access: Bomgar’s Embassy feature allows you to provide secure, auditable, remote access to vendors who need to regularly access your systems. You can create an Embassy for each vendor and granularly control what they can or cannot access, a much more secure and manageable alternative to giving vendors VPN access to your network.
  • Concurrent Licensing: Bomgar's concurrent licensing model means that you only pay for the licenses that you will use at the same time. Licensing per concurrent technician is much more cost effective than licensing per remote system. Even with thousands of systems and hundreds of reps, you only pay for logged-in technicians.

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"As a retail vendor using point-of-sale (POS) systems, staying inside the lines of PCI regulations can quickly and easily become an obstacle. However, now that we've deployed Bomgar in our IT support department, we can securely access and fix those remote systems without the worry of compromising confidential information of our own or our customers."