Shrink your attack surface and reduce cyber breach risk

Privileged user accounts, or credentials, are a common entry point for hackers to compromise a network. Since many IT professionals use multiple privileged accounts to access endpoints in the network, the volume of credentials to manage and secure is high. Credentials are often stored insecurely and in plain text, such as on sticky notes or in shared spreadsheets. Passwords are often forgotten, non-compliant, repeated, rarely or never changed, or shared with the wrong person. Hackers take advantage of these vulnerabilities to steal privileged credentials to access and pivot around your network, appearing as legitimate users.

Additionally, many organizations are now subject to industry compliance mandates or internal security policies that require reporting and audit trail capabilities that track privileged credential usage.

Secure and manage passwords for all your privileged users

Individual Accountability

Associate a direct path of ownership from a privileged account credential to a specific user, even for shared accounts.

Increased Productivity

Spend less time searching for credentials and connecting to end points, and more time getting tasks done. 

Reduced Cyber Breach Risk

One central storage location for all credentials keeps them safe, secure, and out of the hands of the wrong people and decreases the attack surface.

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