Protect industrial control systems against cyberattacks

For manufacturing organizations, quality and efficiency are key in operations. Even a few minutes of unplanned downtime on a factory floor can have financial repercussions or endanger employees and personnel. Whether conducting routine maintenance or troubleshooting a system, reliable and secure remote access is imperative to keep operations up and running. 

IT professionals and third-party service providers must be able to access industrial control systems and networks remotely without interrupting business operations or exposing them to cyberattacks. They also need to be able to support workers and devices in the field or in remote plants using mobile devices and tablets while meeting strict security and compliance regulations. Plant machinery and systems running older operating software is costly and challenging to upgrade, so you need a solution that works across a variety of operating systems.

Remote Support

Provide fast remote assistance to any remote desktop or mobile device, with screen sharing and remote control

Privileged Access

Secure and control privileged insider and third-party access to critical systems and equipment in your ICS networks – all without VPN

Protocol Tunneling

Extend remote connectivity and auditing capabilities of proprietary and third-party applications without disrupting existing infrastructure

Remote Camera Sharing

Perform remote support on anything your customer can see, including off-network hardware and peripherals


Meet strict compliance regulations by logging all session activity, and generate activity reports at any time

Credential Management

Secure, manage, rotate, and administer shared credentials for privileged users

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Use Bomgar InSight remote camera sharing to see equipment in the field in real-time

Do you ever wish you could see through the eyes of your engineers and operators? Sometimes verbal directions just aren’t enough when troubleshooting. 

With Bomgar InSight you can see the machinery and control panels that your end user sees, draw and annotate on the screen and capture screen shots, all through a secure and auditable platform. 

Used by hundreds of manufacturing and utilities organizations worldwide