IT Support Companies, Time to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Companies who provide outsourced IT services and support face high customer expectations when it comes to service levels.  As systems grow more complex and clients become increasingly mobile, maintaining the bottom line is becoming more and more difficult. To complicate matters further, security requirements are rarely uniform across clients and industries.

To support all of these systems and devices many IT outsourcers are leveraging basic remote access tools that not only hinder productivity, but also open a door for hackers. In fact, The 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report by the Verizon Business RISK Team states, “Remote access services (e.g. VNC, RDP) continue their rise in prevalence, accounting for 88% of all breaches leveraging hacking techniques—more than any other vector.”  With Bomgar, IT outsourcers cannot only close the door on these hackers, but also improve service levels to increase customer satisfaction.

Enhance Your End-users’ Experience While Increasing Compliance

Bomgar’s appliance-based remote support solution allows you to remotely access and fix nearly any system or device, anywhere, while keeping sensitive data and system access behind your own secure firewall.

  • Multi-platform flexibility - Agents can remotely access and fix nearly any computing platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry and Android, whether your client is down the street or halfway across the world, nearly eliminating the need for costly on-site visits.
  • Collaboration - Multiple support agents can collaborate in a single remote support session, allowing your team to swarm around customer support issues to increase First Contact Resolution and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Mobility - Support reps can use Bomgar from their iPad, iPhone and Android devices - allowing experts to join or takeover remote support sessions even when off-site.
  • Security - Session access and data never passes through a third-party server, so you can ensure your customers’ data is safe and sound behind your own security measures.  Bomgar also records every chat, click and keystroke within a remote support session so you have an audit trail of every action that was taken on every client system.

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"The value that Bomgar has delivered to PlumChoice has been increased productivity at the agent level and better gross margins. Working with a world-class partner, such as Bomgar, drives innovation in the products and services that we deliver to major companies today."