Eliminate privileged access threat vectors

Privileged accounts are one of the largest cybersecurity threats to any organization. These powerful accounts contain the rights to perform administrative, maintenance, and other key system tasks across a network. These accounts can be accessed by multiple technicians in any given day, for regular maintenance or an urgent task. And for busy IT departments under pressure to keep things running smoothly, security is sometimes overlooked for productivity.

Cybercriminals target these accounts because it is challenging to keep track of who has access to which privileged accounts, what the account is being used for and when. Once privileged account credentials are obtained and used to connect to your network, hackers can lurk undetected and pivot around the network for long periods of time. IT Admins need a way to manage, control, and monitor these accounts while also making it easy for technicians to get the access they need to do their jobs.

Enable technicians to connect to endpoints faster and easier than they do today

More Control and Insight

Give privileged users just the access they need to enforce “least privilege,” and create an audit trail by logging all session activity.

Mitigation of Cyber Risk

Control privileged access to reduce the attack surface and prevent hackers from utilizing “all or nothing” remote access to breach your network.

Increased Productivity

Create role based profiles and permissions to give privileged users the access they need to be productive without relying on lengthy processes.

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