Secure access that meets strict government requirements

Organizations within the public sector are continuously challenged to manage and support critical systems and personnel, while protecting sensitive data from insider and third party threats. In addition to personnel access, government contractors and vendors need temporary and varying levels of access to internal networks to complete projects. With notoriously tight budgets, these IT organizations are being asked to ‘do more with less’. Under constant threat from cyber attackers trying to gain access to the critical data stored by government entities, they are also subject to stringent cybersecurity policies and mandates.

Learn how to increase productivity in government without compromising security

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"As our county government continues to grow, I know I have a remote support solution in place that ensures secure, effective remote assistance for our users. The bottom line is that Bomgar just makes my job a whole lot easier."

IT Systems Administrator, Wilkes County North Carolina

Smarter remote access for smart cards

Government agencies and highly regulated companies often require multifactor authentication using smart cards (PIV or CAC) for remote access. With Bomgar, you can implement HSPD-12 smart card enabled remote assistance to meet security and compliance requirements.

Bomgar’s Smart Card Support enables government organizations to implement PIV and CAC technology without sacrificing productivity, user experience or security. Support remote offices and employees, instantly connect to and troubleshoot systems and devices in the field, and access remote servers.

Choose a deployment that is right for your organization

Government agencies face restrictions on how software and technology can be implemented. Bomgar offers hardened physical, virtual, or secure cloud deployments that have helped enterprises satisfy regulatory requirements around remote access for years.

Deploy physical and virtual appliance on-premises under the trusted security measures you already have in place or utilize the unique segmentation capabilities of our cloud deployment.

Used by hundreds of government organizations worldwide