Prevent cyber breaches by securing privileged access

Finance and insurance organizations are striving to provide cutting-edge technology and services to employees and customers, while maintaining the highest levels of security and combating constant cyberattacks. The technology environment in the finance industry has become highly distributed, with more branch offices and ATMs, a rising number of remote and mobile workers, and customer-facing web portals, kiosks, and apps. Behind these apps and portals is critical data and infrastructure that needs to be protected from unauthorized users. 

IT departments, customer support organizations, and third-party vendors need secure ways to access applications, devices, and critical systems, while protecting sensitive data and adhering to strict compliance regulations, such as PCI or SOX.

Remote Support

Provide remote assistance quickly and securely to any remote desktop, server, mobile device, or kiosk

Privileged Access

Manage and control privileged insider and third-party access to your network


Manage, rotate, and randomize credentials for privileged accounts, used by both people and systems


Log all session activity for a complete audit trail, to meet compliance requirements or security policies

Granular Permissions

Give time-based and role-related access to privileged users – no more “all or nothing” access

Mobile Support

Support kiosks, ATMs, tablets, and mobile devices running on Android, iOS or Chromebook

Learn how Bomgar protects sensitive and critical financial data

"We immediately saw that with Bomgar Privileged Access, we could tighten our control over what privileged users could and could not do, as well as audit their actions. It’s a far superior approach than just giving them unrestricted VPN access."

VP of IS&T, AMOCO Federal Credit Union

Meet compliance regulations

With capabilities to set granular permissions, capture audit logs, and enforce password and authentication policies, Bomgar can help your organization meet requirements for a variety of compliance mandates, such as PCI. Assign permissions individually or through group policies for privileged users and IT vendors and automatically capture a detailed audit trail that documents all session activity and credential usage. Easily retrieve audit log documentation and attestation reports to prove compliance.

Bomgar also allows you to associate a direct path of ownership from a privileged account credential to a specific user, even for shared accounts. 

Used by hundreds of finance organizations worldwide