Secure access for your growing academic environment

Today’s educational institutions face the increasingly complex task of managing a wide range of users, systems, and devices across locations, all while keeping sensitive data and intellectual property secure. Campus boundaries are expanding with the growth of online classes, remote branches, and international programs. IT professionals are on the front lines of supporting the next generation of technology users, who rely on personal laptops, smartphones, and tablets for classwork and also prefer text-based communication like chat.

With the abundance of connected devices comes a complex network of data that needs to be protected, from personal student and staff information to commercially sensitive research and intellectual property. Remote connections must be made through secure, auditable tools and credentials must be protected to keep unauthorized users from accessing your networks.

Learn how Bomgar helps schools and universities connect securely

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"[Bomgar] is efficient, secure, and scalable, so I’m confident it will not just meet our needs today, but also be an asset to our department as the University grows."

Director of IT, University of Miami

Support your technology-enabled campus

Technology is everywhere in education. Schools are making massive investments to enable students with their own laptops, netbooks, or tablets, support global campuses, and provide more eLearning options. These systems and devices run different operating systems, may be used off network, and are set up across different locations.

Bomgar works across any operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices - all for no extra cost. IT service desks can remotely access and fix nearly any computing device, whether on campus or on the other side of the world, for faster problem resolution. Bomgar also works through your firewall without VPN tunneling, allowing technicians to remotely support devices while keeping perimeter security intact. All session traffic is encrypted and logged for a detailed audit trail.

Used by hundreds of educational institutions worldwide