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With increasing demands and decreasing IT budgets, companies require analytical rigor to assess the potential returns from technology investments. But many companies do not have a process or resources that can be devoted to developing comprehensive IT-related business cases. The Bomgar value assessment is designed to fill in that gap.

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What Are the Hard Dollar Benefits of Remote Support?

Sample Financial Model Showing Hard and Soft Benefits of Remote Support
Sample Financial Model Showing Hard and Soft Benefits of Remote Support

Bomgar's value assessment methodology includes baselining existing support operations, processes and costs, identifying specific areas that can be optimized to deliver cost savings to your organization.

We conduct discovery workshops with key individuals to gather information related to your support operations strategy, business and IT objectives.

Then we use the data gathered to outline both the hard dollar benefits and the intangible benefits of remote support consolidation.

The Total Economic Impact of the Bomgar Remote Support Solution

In November 2013, Forrester Consulting wrote a commissioned study for Bomgar to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Bomgar remote support solution.

We invite you to download and review the economic impact study to the right. Then contact us to learn how Bomgar can impact your organization.

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What Is the Total Cost of Implementing Remote Support?

Remote Support Software Consolidation and TCO Cash Savings
Remote Support Software Consolidation (CapEX) and TCO Cash Savings over 5 Years
Total Cost of Bomgar Remote Support Appliance
Total Cost of Bomgar Remote Support Appliance (CapEx)

The assessment includes a detailed financial analysis, including:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparisons
  • Operating Expense comparisons
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Return-On-Investment (ROI)
  • Payback Period

It also includes depreciation, capital cost, and operating cost comparisons, providing a complete view of the financial impact of consolidating remote support.

Capital Expenditure vs. Operating Expense

While remote support brings immediate financial benefits, it's important to choose the deployment model that maps to your goals.

Bomgar's on-premises appliances are a great fit for organizations seeking a solution with a lower total cost of ownership over time. Bomgar Cloud, on the other hand, is a great fit for customers whose goals involve measuring and maintaining ongoing operating expenses. 

What Is the Risk of Not Implementing Remote Support?

Identify the Risk of Not Consolidating Remote Support
Identify the Risk of Not Consolidating Remote Support

Do you know the risk of not consolidating remote support functionality across your organization? What is the cost of maintaining the status quo? The Bomgar Value Engineering Group will help you define both the benefits of consolidating remote support and the cost of delay. 

Let Us Help You Build a Business Case for Remote Support

Bomgar Value Assessment Steps
The Value Assessment is a structure approach to building the case for remote support

The Bomgar Value Engineering Group offers a structured and efficient process for assessing the value of remote support.

We help customers define the business value associated with remote support within the context of their unique business and IT strategies.

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