Accelerate your ROI for Remote Support with Bomgar

Bomgar’s Installation and Configuration Services help drive efficiency, productivity, security and faster return on investment from your Bomgar solution. Our Bomgar certified installation consultants will assist in each phase of a successful installation - from initial assessment, to security, configuration and an audit to accelerate the time to value of your remote support solution.

BMC Remedy IT Service Management Integration

By integrating Bomgar with your service desk ticketing system, you can increase rep efficiency and help desk capacity, automate and strengthen the support session audit trail, and gain a more complete view of IT remote support performance. Bomgar Integration Services add value to existing service desk ticketing systems and create a seamless, closed-loop process for opening, servicing and closing a session-including capturing end customer feedback.

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"Bomgar’s integration features allow PlumChoice support reps to use existing toolsets across multiple operating systems. With these integrated tools, support agents are able to fix problems on the first call 92% of the time."


Benefits of Bomgar Integration Services

Increased Efficiency and Service Desk Capacity

By integrating Bomgar with your service desk ticketing system, reps can launch a secure Bomgar remote support session directly from a ticket and immediately begin diagnosing and resolving a problem using Bomgar's secure chat function-increasing first call resolution rates, shortening call times and eliminating on-site visits.

Data Integrity and Strong Auditing Capabilities

Bomgar's tight integration eliminates the need for the rep to manually enter Bomgar support session notes into the incident. With Bomgar integration, customer surveys are automatically generated at the end of the session and sent back to the ticketing system to close out an issue. This in-depth integration populates the ticketing system with complete, accurate and secure session data for strong audit capabilities.

Optimized View of IT Remote Support Performance

Bomgar Integration Services provide a complete view of the entire incident management life cycle. From the session launch, diagnosis, resolution, closing and customer survey, Bomgar's advanced logging and recording capabilities establish a complete record of the support transaction-arming supervisors with information needed to optimize service desk operations and improve staff management and training.