Bomgar Support Portal Branding Services

Common Brand Identity for your Support portal

With the Bomgar Basic Branding Service, we customize your default Bomgar Support Portal. You supply the branding standards, such as colors, logos, background and even customer messages, and Bomgar will deliver a distinct portal customized for your organization. With the Bomgar Standard Branding Service, we customize up to five of your Bomgar Support Portals. With this service, you can create a unique portal for specific customer or employee groups, giving them the information they need to request support and manage their entire experience, such as customizing the Bomgar Customer Client.

Service Benefits

  • Rapidly provide a customized Bomgar Support Portal that helps sustain customer loyalty and builds on your brand
  • Deploy regional Bomgar Support Portals using the different languages that Bomgar Supports
  • Extend your support environment and workflow to your Bomgar Support Portal

Integrate Bomgar into your existing support portal

Customized Support Portal
Customized Support Portal

If you prefer to use your existing support or service portal, then we can help you integrate Bomgar into your portal. With the Bomgar Premium Branding Service, we use the Bomgar Application Programmer Interface (API) to integrate Bomgar with your existing portal. You can either work with us on the scripting needed to create the support workflow desired, or you can let us write the scripts for you. This service also includes customizing your support messages and customizing the Bomgar Customer Client.

Service Benefits

  • Maintain a consistent support experience for your customers, and build on their continued brand loyalty
  • Keep your public portal maintenance time at a minimum
  • Use the full power of Bomgar within your existing environment

3 Levels of Service Available

Considering delivering a common user experience for your customers by mirroring your company’s website branding? Required to deliver a unique support environment for specific customer groups? Need to integrate Bomgar with your existing portal?  We have a level of customization that is right for you.  Download our pdf to learn more!