Remote Access Security - Bomgar’s Unique Approach

Video Summary

Legacy remote access tools - such as RDP, VNC, pcAnywhere and others - give support technicians all-or-nothing access to remote desktops. Plus, they require open ports or non-standard firewall configuration to work over the internet. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools route sensitve data through third party servers, thereby extending your liability.

Bomgar addresses remote access security with our architecture, authentication, access control and audit trail.

Video Transcript

If you're like most big companies, you probably have multiple remote access tools.

But did you know remote access tools are the #1 attack pathway for hackers?

That's why so many enterprise support organizations are switching to Bomgar.

Unlike old school point-to-point remote access tools and cloud-based solutions, Bomgar routes all activity through a secure appliance that sits behind your firewall under the security measures you already have in place.

With Bomgar, every session is guarded by the highest level of encryption. There's even a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 appliance if you need it.

Bomgar also integrates with Active Directory, LDAP and your multi-factor authentication solutions. So you can keep on managing accounts and credentials the way you already do.

You can't do that with point-to-point tools. And you'd probably think twice before routing all that data through the cloud.

With basic remote access tools, reps have all-or-nothing access to remote computers. It's like giving them the keys to a Maserati even though it may be more power than they actually need.

Not with Bomgar.

More than 50 permissions define what reps can do. So if a rep doesn't need a specific permission, you don't have to give it to him.

We call this “The no Maserati Rule”.

Even with all this security, you still need a way to audit support activity. With Bomgar, that's no problem.

Detailed reports, real-time dashboards, even video recordings are all kept in a tamper-proof appliance.

You can even use Bomgar to manage vendors' access to systems on your network, capturing an audit trail of everything they do!

Bomgar = secure remote support.

It's your data. You should own it.


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