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Does SimpleHelp cut it for support in an enterprise environment? This competitive document details the key differentiators that make Bomgar a better choice for advanced support centers.

Is SimpleHelp Suitable for Enterprise Support Centers?

SimpleHelp has a basic remote support toolset that is sufficient for small IT shops, but enterprise organizations that have advanced management and security requirements will find it sorely lacking. Bomgar is designed to satisfy support centers’ most demanding technology requirements, enabling each customer to suit the solution to their own specific needs.

We compare Bomgar with SimpleHelp by considering:

  • Architecture & Implementation: Does the solution require extensive configuration? Does the licensing model enable maximum usage?
  • Productivity: Does the solution have the necessary toolset to handle a diverse array of support scenarios? How does the solution handle incoming support traffic?
  • Security: Is the solution tested for security vulnerabilities by a trusted third party? What sort of auditing capabilities are offered?
  • Collaboration: Does the solution enable reps, administrators, and vendors work together to resolve incidents?

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