"Our university wanted a more unified and efficient IT organization, and initiated a core technology review" said Joshua Jones, associate director of user support services for UND. "We used the analogy that regardless of whether you are faculty, staff, student, or guest of the university, when you walk into a room and flip on a light switch, you expect the light to go on. So why should it be any different when it comes to accessing technology?"

"Bomgar really stood out as the right solution for us," said Jones. "The IT team liked the fact that all end users had to do was visit a support portal and enter a session key to initiate a session. It didn’t require asking them to provide administrative privileges or perform other tasks on their device. Moreover, because Bomgar is an appliance, not a hosted service, the support teams were not reliant on a third-party connection to establish a remote session. Additionally, Bomgar supported the several operating systems used, including Windows, Mac and a variety of mobile platforms, whereas some of the other tools did not."