This Bomgar customer is a major commercial equipment dealer with approximately 800 employees and 20 stores across several states. In business for more than 50 years, the organization sells and services heavy construction and agricultural equipment.

The organization’s IT department wasn’t satisfied with the capabilities of the remote support solution it had been using to perform help desk troubleshooting for store employees and service technicians in the field.

The company’s technicians use several diagnostic applications to service equipment in the field. Installing a new version of one of the diagnostic apps or configuring a piece of software requires elevated administrative privileges for the device. 

Bomgar Vault allows the remote support representative to inject the credentials right in the Bomgar Remote Support console without having to know the actual password. Even installing common applications such as a web browser on a computer may require elevated credentials. For these reasons, Bomgar Vault is a very valuable enhancement to this customer's Bomgar Remote Support Solution.