“Our main campus is quite spread out and we just acquired a hospital and some additional real estate at the far end of campus,” said Ed Nickerson, chief information officer for La Salle. “Having a technician based on one side of campus trying to service classrooms that may be a 15 minute walk away can be problematic, particularly early in the morning or in the evening when we only have one person fielding calls. The growing online and international programs presented another challenge. We needed a way to support those remote users as well. A phone call can’t always accomplish that. Having the ability to log on to their system remotely allows us to more quickly solve their issue,” Nickerson explained.

“The Bomgar Button—‘the orange B’— takes user-friendliness to a whole new level. For example, we have a number of labs and smart classrooms with podiums supporting a variety of Audio/Video technologies. If a faculty member shows up for a lecture and can’t get a DVD to play or has some other issue, we are only one click away from providing them with immediate support,” explained Nickerson. “It is so much more efficient than when we had to send a technician across campus to help.”