In late 2009, Steve Trickey joined Flinders University in the position of IT Client Services manager. It quickly became apparent that his three support teams needed to consolidate and believed a common remote support solution would help achieve this as well as improve efficiency and collaboration.

The Client Services team decided to perform an on-site test of Bomgar along with Citrix GoToAssist Corporate and LogMeIn Rescue, both cloud-based solutions. “During the testing, it became evident that one of the cloud-based tools did not have the functionality that our teams required,” said Trickey. “The University’s Internet connection also went down for a period of time during the testing, rendering both cloud-based solutions inoperable, but with Bomgar we could still support users on our network. By the end of the testing period, Bomgar stood out as the one solution that met all of our requirements. It was easy for our technicians to understand and had more features that were useful to them. They also felt it allowed them to establish and conduct the support sessions more quickly.”