Carbonite was founded in 2005 with a clear mission to provide an online back-up and restore service that is simple and affordable. Today this award-winning company, with its corporate headquarters in Boston, a customer support center in Maine, and multiple data centers, is a recognized force in the industry. Every day, Carbonite backs up more than 200 million new files for customers with advanced technology that ensures each backup happens quickly, safely and without incident. Carbonite’s customers range from businesses to families to students. The company offers these customers multiple avenues for on-demand computer support, including 24-hour live chat and an email support team ready to resolve problems as soon as they occur.

When Carbonite Vice-President of Services Rich Surace, joined the company, it was already using Bomgar’s hosted solution for remote support. However, Surace had used the Bomgar solution at a previous company and knew there were additional features that Carbonite could use to its advantage, including Bomgar’s collaboration functionality, recording features and analytic capabilities for viewing key support metrics. On day two of his new position, Surace expanded the capabilities of the appliance. "The ability to monitor agent activity and customer interactions were two main capabilities the hosted version of Bomgar didn't fully provide," said Surace. "I wanted to take advantage of all the features Bomgar offered as I knew from experience they would help us meet our customer satisfaction goal and enhance our operational efficiency."