The Eagle Advice Line - Activant's largest support center supports over 5,000 "mom and pop" retailers across the United States running the Activant Eagle software - a turnkey business  management system. After supporting customers for years with phone-only support, they were continuously running a backlog of support calls. They sought a remote support solution so they could connect directly with customers and get them back to business.

Activant's Eagle product includes a support option in the monthly service fee. Customers have immediate access to a Tier-1 phone support desk that operates in Manila, Philippines. These agents handle minor support issues and customer questions. If the call is not resolved in 10-20 minutes, the call is escalated to the Eagle group - a Tier-2 and up support center - based in Livermore, California. The Tier-2 group either receives phone transfers or calls customers back (depending on SLA).

The Tier-2 group is divided into four specialty teams: credit cards, accounting, telecommunications and systems. Calls to this support group are usually complex, says Michelle Sanford, senior product support manager. The average call lasts 22 minutes with the average incident lasting around 57 minutes.Activant plans to expand the use of Bomgar in their support organization even more. They are currently working on initiatives that include introducing the use of Jump Technology for connecting to unattended systems and integrating a customer support knowledgebase.