Reboot the remote desktop without losing your connection. Reboot into safe mode with networking and request automatic logon credentials at reboot.

Reboot a Remote Desktop. Reconnect Automagically.

Routine support activities - such as program installations, software updates and  system changes - often require you to reboot the remote desktop, sometimes multiple times. But waiting for the remote computer to boot and the customer to enter her credentials just slows you down. Bomgar can’t eliminate the need to reboot. But we do make it easier.

Remote Support. Reboot. Rinse. Repeat.

Bomgar's Reboot feature lets you restart a remote computer then pick up where the session left off. Since you don’t have to re-initiate the support session, you can resolve problems faster. Plus, since Bomgar lets you support multiple systems at once, you can work on another session while the remote desktop reboots.

Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking

Sometimes you have to go into Safe Mode to remove a piece of spyware or to troubleshoot and diagnose networking problems. With Bomgar, you can reboot into Safe Mode. No more reminding the user to "keep hitting F8."

One of the major benefits of the Bomgar solution is that it has nearly eliminated our need to go on-site to fix issues first-hand. In fact, we’ve cut down our on-site calls by close to 90 percent.

David Ruchman | CTO

Request Automatic Logon Credentials at Reboot

Typically, when you reboot a remote desktop, you need the customer to stay on the phone at her desk so she can enter her credentials after the computer restarts. When you reboot with Bomgar, the customer doesn't have to stay at her desk.

This is possible because Bomgar lets the customer enter her credentials before you reboot. With "Request Automatic Logon Credentials," the user is prompted to enter a valid username and password. After the reboot, the remote system will automatically sign back in with the provided credentials. The username and password remain secure - and unknown to you. You get to troubleshoot unassisted. She can go to lunch.