Present your screen to multiple attendees and do online training with the same tool you use for remote support. Enhance training with annotations and chat.

Presentations and Screen Sharing for IT Training

Online Presentation Details

Your support organization does more than just fix problems. Sometimes you need to train end-users on correct usage. As a support function, training can help reduce call volume and improve end-user productivity.

With Bomgar's presentation feature you can perform one-on-one training, give one-to-many demonstrations and offer in-depth remote support from one solution, even from the same interface.

A presentation-only interface gives you a simple, intuitive way to conduct remote IT training. Simply select either full screen sharing or application sharing, then start your training session.

Join a Screen Sharing Session - No Download Required

No download is required to join a Bomgar presentation. A HTML5 presentation attendee client gives attendees a smooth, intuitive interface attending online meetings.

If the remote computer does not meet the minimum browser requirements for the HTML5 presentation attendee, Bomgar defaults to a fallback process requiring the attendee to download and run a small executable file.

This installs the Bomgar Customer Client and enables the screen sharing connection.

Join a Presentation from Apple iOS or Android Devices

Android Tablet Screen Sharing Presentation
Joining a Screen Sharing Presentation on an Android Tablet

Attendees can join a Bomgar presentation from iPad, iPhone or Android device using the Bomgar Presentation mobile app. The same methods you have made available to attendees on desktop clients can be used on Android or iOS. During a presentation, attendees can zoom and pan, chat with the presenter and other attendees, and toggle or lock the toolbar.

Chat or Share Computer Control During Presentations

Sidebar for Online Presentations
A sidebar appears during online presentations.

During an online presentation, a sidebar appears to help you collaborate with attendees.

Invitation Includes Presentation URL and Audio Conference Details

The Invitation section lets you name your presentation and add audio conference details. Audio conference details are retained from one presentation to the next and are logged in the Chat transcript.

The invitation section also includes the presentation's Access Key and URL. This information is included in the email invitation you send to attendees. And while presentations can be private, you can also display a list of presentations on your support portal.


Collaborate with Remote Attendees

The Attendees section lists all the attendees who have joined your presentation. You can share control of your mouse and keyboard with an attendee. If you've just performed a demonstration of a software application or user interface, shared computer control is a good way to verify an attendee's level of understanding.

Also, you can manually remove attendees from your presentation at any time.


Chat Privately or with All Attendees

During a presentation, attendees can chat privately with the presenter or chat with everyone attending the IT training session.

Chat is also available with other Bomgar session types. So whether you're co-browsing a website, screen sharing with full remote control access or troubleshooting an iPadBlackBerry or Android device, you can chat with customers.

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Use Screen Annotations During Presentations

Screen Annotations
Enhance your training sessions with screen annotations.

Enhance your training sessions with screen annotations that let you draw and write on the remote screen.

Tools available include free-hand drawing, rectangle and eclipse shapes, erase, undo, delete, color (red/black/white) and line thickness (thin/medium/thick).

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Start Presenting Your Screen Now or Schedule a Presentation

Presentation Start or Schedule
Start or schedule an online presentation.

Starting an online presentation is easy with Bomgar. The process to present your screen immediately is very similar to starting a remote support session.

Just name your presentation and send an email invitation to attendees. You can also schedule a presentation for the future and display it on your support portal.

Customize the Email Invitation for Online Presentations

Presentation Email Invitation
Customize the email invitation for online presentation.

As with other customer-facing elements of Bomgar, you can customize the attendee email invitation templates for online presentations.

If your support portal includes more than one language, you can configure invitation emails in each language applied to your support portal.

You can also choose to display an attendee agreement that must be accepted or a greeting prior to joining a presentation.

Presentation Reports and Videos

Presentation Reports and Videos
Keep detailed reports and session video recordings of online presentations.

Bomgar records a detailed session report of every presentation conducted by your reps. Reports include a full chat transcript, session duration and more.

You can even enable session recording of presentations for future training or knowledge base articles. If presentation recording is enabled, reports run on presentations will also include a Flash video of the presentation.

Presentation - Included in the Core Product

Most online meeting tools are licensed by attendee volume and add costs to your already-limited budget. These products also offer no easy way to either alternate from support to training or escalate from training to support.

Bomgar’s presentation feature is included in the core product and based on concurrent licensing. That means every support representative can be given the option to give presentations and training sessions without adding to your maintenance costs.