Intelligent Collaboration

Broadcast a remote assistance request to other reps. Bomgar routes the request to an expert with the skills needed to resolve the issue.

Remote Support with Skill-Based Collaboration


As a remote support representative, you can handle many of the support requests that come your way. But sometimes an issue that you don’t have the skill set to resolve enters your queue. If you know the name of a skilled team member, you can ask for help.

But what if you don’t know who the right expert is or their availability? All you know is what the problem is. With Intelligent Collaboration, you can broadcast a request for assistance based only on the problem description - even if you don’t know who can fix it, their availability, or the needed skills.

IT support services groups should implement collaboration within the I&O [infrastructure and operations] group to improve the level of support provided to end users and improve overall response time and reduce impact of outages.

Jeff Brooks | Gartner Research Director
“Effective Communication and Collaboration Drives Real Cost Savings in IT Support Services”

Broadcast a Request for Help

Intelligent Collaboration Invite a Skilled Rep
Invite a rep with specific skills into your remote support session

A rep who needs assistance from one or more experts during a remote support session can broadcast a request for help with no other prior knowledge than the issue he/she is experiencing.

Bomgar, using administrator-defined rules, intelligently routes the request to the least busy expert with the skills best suited to resolve the issue.

Expert Technicians Can Join the Remote Support Session

When you broadcast a request for assistance, Bomgar routes your support request to the least-busy representative with the skill set you need.

The skilled representative will receive a prompt to accept or reject the session, along with visual and audible alerts. If he rejects the session, Bomgar simply reassigns the session to the next least-busy rep with the appropriate skills.


Engage Vendor Resources for Collaboration

Intelligent Collaboration is not limited to skills-based routing within your support organization. You can even assign skills and issues to your vendors.

Used together with Embassy, Intelligent Collaboration gives you a secure way to work with vendors to resolve issues involving their applications.

Swarming around Support Issues Boosts Productivity & Satisfaction

Support collaboration improves the ability for support organizations to work together and swarm around an issue, speeding time to resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.

This whitepaper shows how Intelligent Collaboration and other Bomgar features help reduce escalation rates, increase first contact resolution, and improve the end-user’s overall experience.

Download: Swarming around Support Issues Boosts Productivity & Satisfaction