Centrally Manage Credentials and Permissions

Bomgar lets you use your existing directories and group policies to manage all your technicians and report on their remote support activity at a granular level. You can integrate Bomgar with your existing directories and security providers. And since our licenses are based on concurrency, you can make as many unique user accounts as you need.

Use Group Policies to Manage Permissions

Bomgar Group Policies and Policy Templates
Bomgar Group Policies and Policy Templates

Bomgar enables granular control over support representative permissions through individual or group policies defined in your own directory.

You can create group policy templates to speed the creation of new teams. Group policies can apply both to technicians in your organization and to any technician invited into a support session.

Use Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication

Use Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication

Bomgar supports Kerberos or SAML integration for Single Sign On across Bomgar desktop and mobile consoles..

Bomgar includes native multi factor authentication, or you can integrate Bomgar with RADIUS. RADIUS uses RSA secure ID or other RADIUS authentication providers.

And for government agencies and regulated companies that require physical authentication for remote access, Bomgar also allows reps to pass smart card, or common access card (CAC), credentials to a remote computer.

Use LDAP and Active Directory to Manage Login Credentials

Security Providers Include LDAP, AD, RADIUS and Kerberos
Security Providers Include LDAP, AD, RADIUS and Kerberos

Bomgar integrates easily with your existing directory services, making user account management much easier and much, much more scalable. Instead of creating and editing accounts manually, you can add accounts or whole groups from Active Directory (or another service) quickly and easily.

Support reps can log into Bomgar with the same username and password that they use to log into their computer. And a directory change can revise their permissions in Bomgar.

Integrate Credential Injection with Remote Support

Store credentials safely in Bomgar Vault and inject them during remote support

Make it easy for support teams to access desktops and systems quickly without revealing plain text credentials and passwords, which are commonly phished. Credential injection enables your support organization to:

  • Improve productivity and time to resolution by streamlining access to desktops and systems
  • Eliminate the need to store and track shared credentials manually
  • Mask plain text credentials and passwords from technicians so they can't be phished or stolen
  • Eliminate a very common and profitable attack pathway for hackers

Device Verification for Support Reps

Require devices to verify their IP address
Require devices to authenticate from a specific IP network addresses before using Bomgar

With Bomgar, support reps can offer remote support from anywhere and from a variety of devices. To make this mobile, multi-platform capability more secure, Bomgar also gives administrators granular control over both what devices can be used and where they can be used.

As an administrator, you can restrict the use of Bomgar only to specific networks. Or you can provision phones or tablets to use Mobile Rep Consoles. Either way, device verification gives you another authentication method.

Use Touch ID Authentication on iOS Devices

Authenticate to the iOS Rep Console using your fingerprint

For improved security, a support rep on an iPad or iPhone can take advantage of Apple Touch ID when logging into the iOS Rep Console.

Once Touch ID is enabled, the support rep can authenticate to the iOS Rep Console using his or her fingerprint.

Touch ID adds another layer of security to Bomgar's Rep Console for iOS. If the phone is lost or stolen, Touch ID prevents access to the iOS Rep Console.

Delegate Password Administration to Non-Administrators

Delegate password administration to non-administrators
Delegate password administration to non-administrators

Password reset requests are often cited as the number one support request. Ironically, sometimes the technicians doing the support forget their passwords, too!

With Bomgar, administrators can give a non-admin permission to manage password resets. This frees up administrators to focus on more critical tasks.

Efficient Identity Management with Automatic Updates and Deletion

Managing all the members of a large service desk or IT organization can be complicated. Bomgar makes it easier by eliminating a lot of work for you. Plus, your technicians don't have to remember another username and password.

Because Bomgar can read accounts straight from the directory, any change in a user's status will automatically update in Bomgar's user settings and privileges. No further configuration is required.

And if a support representative moves to another area that does not use Bomgar or leaves the company, the user's privileges are automatically removed from Bomgar when he or she is deleted from the company directory. The user account information only appears in Bomgar for reporting purposes.