Share Sessions Between Technicians, Developers, or IT Vendors

Sometimes IT administrators and help desk technicians need a little support themselves.

That’s why Bomgar includes easy options for technicians to collaborate with one another or bring in external representatives. Support managers can also offer assistance if lower-tier technicians have trouble.

Collaboration lets you effectively bring in all the necessary resources to resolve an incident. This results in higher first call resolution, lower escalation rates, and faster incident resolution times.

Access Sponsor

Give reps with restricted permissions temporarily elevated credentials on remote computers. Sponsored access lets your help desk resolve more issues in first tier.

Collaboration and Escalation

Engage highly skilled technicians cost effectively. With Bomgar, skilled staff can engage with critical support requests instantly and remotely.

Embassy (IT Vendor Access)

Standardize how 3rd party vendors access and support systems in your environment. Define security settings and audit sessions involving vendors.


Automatically distribute incoming support requests to the right representative, support group or vendor, reducing hold times in an automated manner.

Identity Management

Use your existing LDAP or Active Directory to create Bomgar users. Connect RADIUS for multi-factor authentication and Kerberos or SAML for single sign-on.

Intelligent Collaboration

Broadcast a remote assistance request to other reps. Bomgar routes the request to an expert with the skills needed to resolve the issue.

Session Policies

Change the permissions allowed in a remote support session based on the support portal the customer came through or even the specific endpoint being supported.