Global Remote Support Across Multiple Appliances

Bomgar Atlas Cluster Technology is intended for large enterprise customers performing more concurrent sessions than can be effectively or efficiently handled by a single Bomgar Appliance. It allows a support organization to be effectively dispersed over different geographical locations and to support a global user base. Essentially, Atlas technology enables large support organizations to scale horizontally across multiple appliances rather than vertically on a single appliance.

Distribute Support Load Geographically

Atlas Technology disperses traffic over multiple appliances
Bomgar Atlas Technology disperses support traffic over multiple Bomgar Appliances

A key benefit of Bomgar Atlas Cluster Technology is the ability to distribute a site geographically. This is important for support organizations that span across regions or globally.

Licenses are designated for the site as a whole, and license utilization is not affected by the fact that there are multiple appliances involved. All reporting is done from the master appliance.

Read the Atlas deployment guide.

Atlas Scenario

A global support organization deploys Bomgar Atlas Cluster Technology. If a customer support request originates in Sydney, Bomgar can route session data through the company's traffic appliance residing in Australia. This makes the support experience more responsive and efficient. Bomgar Atlas Cluster Technology enables most of the session traffic to stay local to the appliance in Australia.