Access Sponsor

Give reps with restricted permissions temporarily elevated credentials on remote computers. Sponsored access lets your help desk resolve more issues in first tier.

Elevate Credentials for Remote Desktop Support

Your first tier support reps are smart. They are often technically capable of troubleshooting deep issues on remote desktops. But deep troubleshooting requires elevated credentials - credentials you can't give them without compromising security. How do you empower them to resolve more incidents in first tier without giving your whole help desk administrative passwords? Access Sponsor.

Access Sponsor Keeps Administrative Credentials Secure

For security and liability purposes, you cannot give everyone on your help desk access to administrative passwords. You also have to restrict the permissions of new or lower-tier technicians until they have received the requisite training and certifications. Access sponsor helps you maintain this best practice. Simply create access sponsor groups in Bomgar and assign reps who have administrative credentials to the groups.

Access Request
Access Request

When a member of your help desk is an access sponsor, he or she will see an Access Requests tab in the representative console. Sponsors can accept access requests from lower-tier reps and provide credentials for the target machine on their behalf.

Lower-tier reps can then perform necessary troubleshooting steps in the remote desktop support session without knowing administrative credentials. And they only have elevated access to the remote desktop for the duration of the support session.

Access Sponsor Empowers Your First Tier Help Desk

Access sponsor lets lower-tier reps request temporarily escalated privileges from higher-tier reps - designated as Access Sponsors. This enables help desk reps to perform more extensive troubleshooting at lower tiers without knowing administrative credentials.

Reduce the Cost of Support

When you can resolve more incidents in first tier, without escalation, the cost of support goes down. Whenever you do need to engage higher-tier resources, access sponsor lets you do so cost-effectively.

Rather than escalating incidents that could be resolved at lower levels in your help desk, access sponsor gives lower support tiers a way to request assistance during support sessions without pushing incidents into higher, more expensive tiers.