Platform Support

Customers can connect to all their remote computers, servers, smartphones, tablets and devices with Bomgar.

Our Customers Support More than Windows Desktops


Most Bomgar customers live in multi-platform environments. They use more than just Windows in-house. And the customers they support use a variety of operating systems. Bomgar connects them to it all – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android phones and tablets, iPads, iPhones, Servers, Network Devices and Kiosks.

With Bomgar, customers can also connect from their preferred platforms. Linux experts can connect from Linux. Mac aficionados, from Mac. Plus, Bomgar was the first to create mobile apps that let reps engage in remote support from their Android or iOS devices.

Bomgar functions across platforms, so you can troubleshoot issues spanning across multiple devices or platforms. And it works securely through firewalls with no pre-installed client on the remote computer.