Jump Technology™

Customers can access computers, servers and network devices any time, wherever they are with Bomgar.

Customers Can Access Thousands of Servers & Desktops

With Bomgar, not only can our customers offer remote assistance to end-users experiencing problems, they can also access remote desktops and servers even when no one is there.

Bomgar’s patented Jump Technology empowers them to support any remote desktop or server proactively – even if no one is present on the other end to enable remote control.

Jump Technology lets reps access and control any computer wherever it is.

What's the best thing about Jump Technology? It’s included in every Bomgar license.

Since Bomgar licenses are based on the number of concurrent reps, rather than the number of supported end-points, Jump Technology means HUGE savings for most enterprises.

What makes up Jump Technology?

Jumpoint Browse Network
Jump to a system on a local network or remote network
  • Jump Client – Access thousands of remote desktops and servers no matter where they are or what operating system they run.
  • Jumpoint – Access almost any system on a remote network without a pre-installed client.
  • Jump Zone Proxy – A secure proxy lets you access remote computers on isolated networks without exposing them to the internet.
  • Shell Jump – Support switches, routers and other network devices to secure, auditable SSH/Telnet functionality.
  • Embedded RDP – Use Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol securely across networks without VPN tunnels or open listening ports.
  • Intel vPro – Use Intel® vPro™ Technology to power a remote pc on/off, reboot to BIOS, reimage a remote computer and access remote desktops regardless of operating system state.

Jump Technology is one of the ways Bomgar satisfies the needs of multiple support groups and scenarios. So when people ask us, “Is Bomgar for customer support reps or systems integrators?” we say, “Yes!”