Buying Options

Customers get all the security of ownership and eliminate the never-ending monthly fees of SaaS remote tools.

Bomgar Customers have Options on How to Buy

While remote support brings immediate financial benefits, no single deployment model fits the purchasing demands of every company. Bomgar offers options for how you want to buy.

Some customers want to target a low total cost of ownership. For these customers, Bomgar appliances and license can be purchased as capital expenditures. When purchased this way, Bomgar may cost more up front, but the total cost of ownership over 2-5 years is far lower than software-as-a-service options.

Other customers are moving to the cloud. They want to reduce infrastructure and manage based on operating expenses. Bomgar Cloud helps them meet these goals, but with a cloud-based appliance that offers more security and environmental segmentation than software-as-a-service