Integrate Privileged Access with Your Environment

You've already invested in solutions for password management, user authentication, security information and event management (SIEM), IT service management (ITSM), systems management and change management. Bomgar Privileged Access lets you integrate privileged session management into your existing environment and increase your return on those investments.

Bomgar Vault

When Bomgar Privileged Access is integrated with Bomgar Vault or the password vaulting solution your organization is using, users can directly inject credentials into end servers and systems with just one click. Since the user never sees the plain text credentials, they can’t compromise them, greatly increasing security. Improve productivity by allowing administrator accounts to access systems with just the click of a button- no more wasted time finding or tracking down credentials.

Lieberman Software

Bomgar integrates with Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager to better control, monitor, and manage access to critical systems by privileged users. Bomgar's integration with Lieberman allows organizations to further improve security and compliance by integrating controlled access to sensitive and critical endpoints with secure access to privileged accounts.


Bomgar integrates with ServiceNow Change Management, Incident Management and ServiceNow Configuration Management Database. The integration allows a privileged user to launch a Bomgar access session from a record in ServiceNow. Once the session ends, details about the remote session, including a link to the video recording, are appended to the record in ServiceNow. Records in ServiceNow Change Management also show all historical access sessions.


IT administrators using Splunk can integrate Bomgar to strengthen privileged access control, seamlessly identify and prioritize threats in real time, and remediate incidents proactively. The Bomgar integration helps safeguard your business by giving you complete visibility into activity across the IT infrastructure, including external threats such as malware and hackers, internal threats such as data breaches and fraud, risks from application flaws and configuration changes, and compliance pressures from failed audits. Through the integration, Privileged Access event data captured through Bomgar's rich logging capability is populated into Splunk's platform. From Splunk those events can be reported on for security review.

Thycotic Secret Server

Use Thycotic Secret Server password management solution for Windows endpoints. Privileged users can connect to endpoints with Bomgar, then select credentials for the remote desktop or server. One click of a button authenticates to the Windows machine without exposing credentials to privileged users.

Bomgar Integration Capabilities

Whether you use off-the-shelf software or home-grown systems, built-in integration capabilities let you integrate Bomgar Privileged Access with your existing solutions. The Bomgar API, integration client, outbound events, Jump links and custom links give you the components for creating integrations and can significantly reduce development time.

Bomgar API

Programmatically pull video recordings, team activity reports and endpoint reports. Integrate Bomgar with SIEM, ITSM, change management, or other external solutions.

Integration Client

Export session video recordings for external storage; export session reports to external file systems or databases.

Jump Link

Launch remote access to any endpoint from a link or desktop shortcut.

Custom Link

Open a case or record associated with an endpoint from the Bomgar Access Console.

Outbound Events

Send messages to an HTTP server or to an email address when different events are triggered. Events include access session end/start, access session ownership changes, privileged user joins/leaves an access session.