For many organisations their service desk is the face of IT to the business. It’s where problems get raised, requests for new assets are made and issues are fixed. However, while service desk professionals provide a valuable service back to the business, it does mean that the most common point of association for IT activities is around things going wrong.

PC or printer not working? Ask IT. Need report data that has not come through? Ask IT. Require a software update? Ask IT.

The role of the service desk is changing, though; much more emphasis is being placed on the quality of service that IT can provide back to the business, rather than the plain “break/fix” offering that is currently in place. At the Service Desk and IT Support Show 2013, the main talking points were around how the wider changes in IT would positively affect the role of the service desk, particularly as individuals become more “IT literate” and social IT tools become commonplace.

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