The “Third Party” Threat In Your Retail Model

Recently, I participated in an online chat with Solution Providers for Retail’s readers. The discussion focused on POS systems and network security challenges that retailers are facing. Previously, in my blog, Is Your POS Environment Secure?, I shared a few concerns that retailers should be aware of so as to not inadvertently allow hackers to access to their network. In this post I want to highlight some of the larger security challenges that vendors are facing, particularly within a franchise structure.

The franchise model is unique as it undercuts many of the security best practices that larger enterprises often implement. Franchise locations represent the bigger business brand, but often manage their own technology operations and costs separately from the brand itself. Though the corporate entity may suggest a set of security guidelines, it is ultimately up to the franchise owner whether they will follow those recommendations. In this scenario, even those vendors with the most rigid policies and protocols are ultimately trusting the franchise to follow suit on its own accord. Read more.